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  1. Kuro_Yagi

    #Adidas and Ultra Boost

    Some personal info to share: i think one must realised that specialise running shoes are designed for specific purpose. Running shoes are build for light weight & running "performance" and very seldom "waterproof"! The reason is breathability, so the material needs to have enough ventilation. Running shoes are quite similar to walking shoes. Hiking shoes: these are build for as categorized. Higher foot & ankle stability for sandy & rocky terrain. Ranging from higher water resistant to waterproof. sole designed with pronounced lug for grip. comfort wise is poorer then leasurre and running shoes. Trail running shoes: this is an inbetweener to running & hiking shoes. for those who enjoy running on a variety of surface & has the required grip for grassy, hard sandy to tar terrain. it has a combination "skin" that provides some level of water proofing for those who runs over water puddles in the hillsside or forest. The shoe has to have sufficient stability to protect the ankle but not to the leve, of hiking shoes. i use trail running shoes as i like to running on a variety of landscape locally but mostly abroad. Trail running shoes are hard to find in sg as its less popular. One of the good specialize trail shoes is Salomon, Brooks, also not bad. A running shoe can typically last a user between 450-600km A good shoe is vital to prevent injuries eg knee if you use it often & like pounding the pavement. Always try on the shoe and bring your own socks that u will wear when u run. The fit is very important. If u have flat foot or need specialized insoles, go and get your specialized insole done for running 1st and bring along the insole to try on when u buy your shoes. These are my own observation and personal opinion. I'm not a shoe expert. Hope this helps.
  2. haha.... if I'm the carpark management, i will send him a letter for defraud in parking payment eg $5. Following another letter, parking fine compound. Paid by the dumbfark entertainment offered. Btw how's your girl taking it. lol. p.s. video will be used in our online & marketing do's & don'ts for riders using parking facilities.
  3. Kuro_Yagi

    (Share lah) Funny, Creative Commercials

    Don't know funny a not but got cute nipon xmm!
  4. Kuro_Yagi

    (Share lah) Funny, Creative Commercials

  5. Kuro_Yagi

    (Share lah) Funny, Creative Commercials

  6. Kuro_Yagi

    (Sorcery) More Potent Then All the Religion Combine!!!!

    However, i think Thai Buddhism & Hindus uses Kaffir Lime in their "offerings" too!
  7. Body wash in S’pore apparently helps you win lottery, increase kkb size, & ward off ghosts + Source https://mothership.sg/2018/09/kaffir-kkb-funny-marketing/ @ODACHEK insert gif => Winner Liao! @nachtsider This product is endorse by which Taoist Sect one??
  8. Kuro_Yagi

    (#%^$%@) Is this Real?????

    Ahbang not Scare!!! https://www.facebook.com/395383394300361/videos/561714974247879/ Do u think is real?
  9. Kuro_Yagi

    Hong Kong new high speed rail station

    wah got pass Humen ah. Now got chongsters go CP CA?
  10. Kuro_Yagi

    Hong Kong new high speed rail station

    Sorry i dont understand. Hsr is from Hk to where?
  11. Kuro_Yagi

    I dance at the Dance World Championships

    wow so telanted. i love dogs!
  12. Kuro_Yagi

    (Club) Don't Drink Too Much......

    No idea. Perhaps edmw resident pgd experts can give us some idea. ps @The_King maybe its some premonition saying not t o drink too much! A few minutes of ecstasy, a life time of regret!
  13. Kuro_Yagi

    (Club) Don't Drink Too Much......

  14. Kuro_Yagi

    Stir fry pig vaginas kym?

    Pig vaginas! They’re Fxxking-lickin’ good? Horumon, grilled or stewed pork organs such as hearts and intestines, are popular enough to have their own dedicated restaurants in Japan. But even at a horumon joint, you’re unlikely to find what Japanese Twitter user @49jzx recently encountered at one of his local markets: plastic packs crammed full of pig vaginas Y156! https://t.co/Jg7Vyrs83L The store was helpful enough to include a written explanation on the label, telling customers that the packs contain “Female Pig Pussy,” The label also touts ringeru as a “shockingly rare item,” though its scarcity belies a very reasonable price of just 100 yen (US$0.90) per 100 grams (3.5 ounces). https://t.co/sSLkacVgob ---------------------------------------------------- Note: Cheaper then going Geylang!
  15. Kuro_Yagi

    new way of paying for train ride

    Amdk jump over the turnstile. Chinna go under. which one more stylish?