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  1. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    How about this? We have manpower who needs money to buy Macbook so we can study at Starbucks!
  2. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    You don't so cheeko charlie lah! I also have Wits, Charisma & inner beauty one ok!
  3. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    I know my classmate sure got people qualify. All pro- social media. If you guys want please let me know. I can seduce some of my classmate to get things done. Want to gather people for "peaceful" protest also can! Poor Student at least can contribute something for you guys!
  4. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    Sub reddit? You mean r/xxxxxx? What is the requirement to create one?
  5. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    This is Strange! someone must have this vision that there will be a a breakaway group with this Slogan, Just like the old website! "A hang-out place to relax and chit-chat about food and boy-girl stuff..." So coincidental right! p.s if you guys want to have a new edmw.life reddit community, i can get my classmate to create. you guys can manage.
  6. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    FYI I search and found there's already a sub aka "edmw" community created 5yrs ago! https://www.reddit.com/r/edmw/ Created & mod by paperbackwriter! Who is Paperbackwriter? Same Theme "A hang-out place to relax and chit-chat about food and boy-girl stuff..." Must be one of this forum members?
  7. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    Bro, I same as u leh! I just a student!
  8. Kuro_Yagi

    Updates on edmw.life

    Why?? Where did everybody go? What's Happening?
  9. So fast her leg tired! I think riding is not her forte leh. Maybe she can be the horse?!?
  10. Another interesting research topic for Spa kgks! Those who chiong China one whats your opinion of such "Macau Cultural program"? This one got 100s of "research assistant" for joint cultural infusion project from another enclave. Is Macau better or Mainland?
  11. Found liao! Pse book your flight to Macau!
  12. Where are you heading to? Ps. hope u seen the video.
  13. I think she has bad taste in men! Whatever mistakes she makes, i'm glad she cares and love her kids. Happy for her that she found a man that accepts her past! Not many man have that courage & character! I wish her & her family well!
  14. I think i Need a Bath too. Anyone knows where is Rio Spa? Anyone been there? Got multi-nationality!
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