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  1. sumwan

    Miss Singapore Universe wear like this, KYM???

    2 hands grab chesspie.
  2. sumwan

    2 ladies fight. guess who win? and how she win?

    Beedio not available.
  3. They shd not just put "no sugar". Instead, such drinks should be labeled "artificial sweetener"
  4. sumwan

    Father-in-law very angry when hubby beat his daughter

    Where is the dotter pic?
  5. Why need to censor face?? Isn't it their intention to be famous.
  6. Good intention what a joke. If not for the benefits would they be grassroots in the first place? Why so many grassroots are biz owners? Hypocrites.
  7. sumwan

    Tasha zehzeh is back in SG for good

    Shd write a diary about 浅规则, would be a nice read.
  8. It is Tesla making unreasonable demands. Maybe Dyson is more realistic.
  9. Ok, after explaining the materials cost, can they explain why installation costs $200 for a bench? Need How many hours to install 1 bench?
  10. sumwan

    连城街后巷 养生餐馆垃圾桶上宰田鸡

    "宽宽养生食府" prepare food on rubbish bin. No respect for hygiene, Deserve to shame big big.
  11. sumwan

    Students surprise teacher with incredible gift

    The guys all took the opportunities to Rubba rubba.