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  1. sumwan

    Beer hack

    Shouldn't the tap be at lower level than the tank? Unless tank is pressurized if not how the beer flow out? Or the CO2 in the beer push it out?
  2. sumwan

    Beer hack

    Damage the fridge insulation.
  3. He probably never intend to come back anyways, so why should the gov allow him to enjoy the citizenship status for the next few years? Just renounce now lah.
  4. sumwan

    Let talk about cooking oils

    Bookmarked. +1 quality thread.
  5. sumwan

    Floating umbrella

    If it works, still useful under hot sun.
  6. Most important is got pork.
  7. Even SPF code of conduct do not advise man handle female criminals unless absolutely necessary, what give security guard the right to touch female audience who paid a bomb for the tickets. They can block the view or prevent pple from filming. How they enforce copyright is their problem. Videoing show is not criminal offence. No patrons should be subjected to that kind of inhumane treatment. So scared pple take picture, don't hold concert lah.. Or disallow picture capturing devices. Knnwtf.
  8. sumwan

    GLGT Singapore 's unofficial sex offenders registry

    Can classify under Involuntary porn?
  9. How about Amazon prime, redmart? While surely there will be cheaper sources from wholesalers, who so free to visit all the different wholesalers to buy different things? And if you buy a little from each, will they deliver?
  10. Disappointed with @TooBianTai Is @TooBianTai2Quitaffiliated?
  11. Change all the MIJ to MIC components => cost halved. Sounds legit.
  12. What crap is that. Not capable of standing up to her != cannot erection when see other woman.
  13. sumwan

    Nicole Seah gave birth to baby girl !!

    She's going to lose votes from the male population.. lol..