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  1. Find excuse to dump the excess fruits. Then put a little boy as decoy.
  2. Not everyone can tahan the G's during launch even if they hv the money.
  3. sumwan

    ROP wants cinema food to be halal !!

    Halal lor.. don't buy from them anyway.
  4. sumwan

    special sinkie with magic healing power is chosen one

    Some companies actually paid to advertise. Offering free services initially meant nothing. If really innocent good intention, there's no need for publicity.
  5. sumwan

    Racist remark by Fandi Ahmad?

    Malay hv 2 days. Haji & pusa. It doesn't really matter coz all race hv holiday whichever race is celebrating the Festival. If Indian also 2 days better for all. The correct question shd be, why companies so racist for NYE. CNY all race half day, but Malay and Indian NY only Malay or Indian half day. Knn.
  6. sumwan

    toobaintai level expert

  7. If illegal then what? Punish the maid doesn't mean loanshark stop visiting him. For the other case, it could be illegal trespassing isn't it?
  8. Still difficult to catch unless got whistle blower.
  9. The airport should be better designed with queue barricades to prevent this kind of problem. And where's the airport police? Of coz the rude tourist are wrong. But part of the blame should go to the airport for no proper system to protect the innocent other country tourists from this type of behaviour.
  10. sumwan

    Kitchen is hot and stuffy

    too much clothes.