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  1. TBH, M1 is one the best value ISP around, considering the price and the routing that you get to the web. it doesnt route u overseas and back if you visiting some local sites, cough cough ahem ahem si*gt*l .
  2. Admin

    Game of thrones !

    Worse season to the most epic tv series
  3. Welcome and enjoy the last few days here.
  4. Admin

    Donations (Fundraising)

    Bumps. 8 more days, need some help over here!
  5. U mean insurance wonderland?
  6. last time got fire there alcohol was banned, and it become a liquor control zone, this time got fire, whats next on being banned ?
  7. this is ownself create news la, so wont kana the fake news law.
  8. sounds alot like me
  9. Admin

    Game of thrones !

    I rather go back and watch the last ship
  10. Admin

    Game of thrones !

    the more i see, the more sian i get after NK died.
  11. Admin

    Congrats to Man City

    Gxgx. To the EPL champions!