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    Hi, u need a min of 5 posts to view the main forums. this is to prevent bots from spamming our site. Or u can donate or get a subscription to bypass the limit thank u. @Slider
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    hi all

    5 posts to access
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    Hi am ZzhanZz

    theres also censorship here lol
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    do u need the banking details ?
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    @wan are u trying to donate ?
  6. lol spamming to get the 5 posts ?
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    New user

    Welcome welcome
  8. Ap router must be hooked to the router . if not how to get dhcp going ?
  9. U have to use it as AP mode not router mode. There cant be two router in the same network as there can be only one router issuing dhcp. Just set as ap mode. Router mode for ur second device will never work.
  10. main pc get 16gb ram can already , you dont need 32gb unless you are doing heavy photoshop or video editing . 16gb enough for u to game and keep ur chrome tabs open .
  11. Admin

    New members

    Post here to gain access to the forums. This is an automated process . This is in place to prevent bots and link spamming on the forums
  12. Dear Admin,

    I need to speak to you guys about something serious (legal matters) but i am unable to send a PM. It keeps prompting that my inbox is full. Is there any other way to contact you.



  13. fixed. shd not happen again
  14. its auto, if u dont want i can disable it site wide.
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