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  1. Because she poh mata then TNP reported......so now famous liao
  2. Would be 40 if he had a gun.
  3. Zaobao weird choice of front page pic.....him and teleprompter.
  4. Thanks for posting......compelling human story.
  5. Got Indian movie feel.....LOL
  6. Nothing quite as satisfying as smacking a mosquito to death.
  7. Greedy fuckers.......less than 10kg $700+
  8. Yes....see a lot of them do that. Not just scratch, pull also got. Why??
  9. Tanking ahhh sinkland........wonder if doomed from the start though.......so smallllll What is the way fwd?
  10. Chichi

    Donations (Fundraising)

    Admin, safe to donate via PayPal hor?
  11. U fan ahh? Just feel this guy is more hot air type.....v ambitious if anything.
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