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  1. Commach Mother

    Arctic events will have big impact on Singapore: Sam Tan

    Keppel Corp masturbation thread. Where would Keppel be without PAP?
  2. Commach Mother

    Chinese scientist who gene-edited babies fired by university

    The Chinese have a lot of genes that need editing.
  3. Commach Mother

    Omg wildestwolf

    TS put dress and wig and wear lipstick is more convincing.
  4. He was “inspired by a Chinese movie he had watched in which “men were mistreating women”.” Which movie is this? HK cat 3 movie confirm women always mistreated one.
  5. Commach Mother

    Dont say bojio

    Please jinx Chelsea again.
  6. Commach Mother

    Police searching for wounded AWOL NSF in Woodland

    Continue searching please. Jia you poo lease shushu!
  7. Making Deekosh’s jjww voice sound now.
  8. They already are. PAP govt is just turning a blind eye for reasons only they know best.
  9. Will be completely ignored and unpoliced, believe me.
  10. You what? How dare you! Chinese keep their money in Khong Guan tins. Indians and Malays keep theirs in Jacob’s tins.
  11. I want to see them do a mascot of PAP.
  12. Commach Mother

    Man treated in hospital after injecting himself with own semen

    Ireland got EDMWer?
  13. Commach Mother

    WILL Eric Cheung Hoyu return to SG?

    Well done. If he comes back, it’s a miracle.