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  1. Commach Mother

    BTABNN caught

    MY EYES!!!! OH MAN!!! Why no warning???????
  2. Last time I wanted to be class monitor.
  3. Commach Mother

    KINOKUNIYA LIANG COURT cease to operate from 22 April 2019

    Kino’s very first store was at this place. But very low profile and mainly catering to Japanese expats. Only after they opened up at Orchard and the closure of Borders were they more well known. Really sad to see it go. Japanese don’t read anymore?
  4. Commach Mother

    grab driver take lee yipeng beedio now lim kopi

    Is it because I am Li YP?
  5. Commach Mother

    wave of youth suicides in honkieland

    Not simple.
  6. Your name... your explanation... the picture...... {heavy breathing}
  7. Why the guy in the first pic in front of the shop no wear pants? Why?
  8. Commach Mother

    bang the lamp post still high and dancing

    Good luck with the re-education gulag in Vietnam.
  9. Commach Mother

    Ann cock face so old riaos nnp oso sagging alot sia

    Crawl inside by accident and come out the other side to another world. Then we can have another isekai anime.
  10. Commach Mother

    The Sintua Thread

    @nachtsider used to be a man too. Then he changed his features.
  11. Commach Mother

    Pinoys dio FT influx in their own backyard

    Why the pinoys like to wear those translucent shirts can see their singlet inside?
  12. Commach Mother

    Mid-career switch: My hobby has turned into my main profession

    You cannot make a career out of pcw or masturbation. It is proven. Please return to your old day job.
  13. Commach Mother

    Gore: Jet Engine + human = ??????

    Bird strike.
  14. Commach Mother

    11-year-old boy dies allegedly because of online challenge

    哀悼 @nachtsider