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  1. Unfair. Why never arrest Shanghai uncle for unauthorised touching of men?
  2. Arya & Gendry no longer chewren liao. Pretty sure one or both Lannister brothers, near season end. But their death(s) will bring about the downfall of the Night’s King.
  3. @nachtsider Hello Nacho. We are not nasty people like the HWZ EDMWers, go out of their way to destroy your career and life. We definitely won’t call you out as Pinoy. We troll, but we also have self-control, unlike some egotistical people. So please give a thought about joining us full time. The door here is always open. Warmest regards, Commy’s Mummy
  4. Only in Chinese do you have a man called Peipei.
  5. You all voted for this. Don’t lie. pap.gov.sg/songbo
  6. Circular things cannot hold.
  7. Commach Mother

    BTABNN caught

    MY EYES!!!! OH MAN!!! Why no warning???????
  8. Kino’s very first store was at this place. But very low profile and mainly catering to Japanese expats. Only after they opened up at Orchard and the closure of Borders were they more well known. Really sad to see it go. Japanese don’t read anymore?
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