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  1. Sounds serious.
  2. It is a PC Windows game. Not sure about other OS. It is free to play. Some special or higher level quests are paid but be bought if you grind for in-game currency.
  3. I've added screenshots from raid quests in the first post.
  4. That's the smallest ship available. You should see the biggest one. Without the Farshifter amenity, it only allows to teleports between zones within the Stormreach city. After buying and placing the Farshifter amenity, it grants a second option page to teleport other further places which only be accessed either by individual specific Farshifter around Stormeach, or a very long walk and across various maps. (see screenshots for more info)
  5. Bought the Airship for our Guild on 25 Nov after our Guild reached level 10, and the enhanced Teleporter today on 27 Nov after our Guild reached level 11! Screenshot shows the 1st batch of Guild Members.
  6. There is only one name to use, starts with 'S'. https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/500629-Need-a-new-home-Find-a-Guild-here
  7. Zirconwall

    Lineage 2 M Trailer

    Tks for recommending.
  8. I might consider spending precious TP earned from grinding quests to buy a new guild, if it is on discount again.
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