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  1. broadbands

    girl found beheaded, some organs missing

    happened in Malaysia
  2. Got a few questions. 1)This Temasek T2023 bond is it can sell anytime(even can sell next week) on the SGX open market? 2)Assuming if I am alloted $10,000(meaning 10 lots), then example if the opening price of this T2023 bond on it's debut is $1.05, does this mean if I sell online all my 10 lots of this Temasek T2O23 bond, I get back $10,500 minus the brokerage commission?! And if the opening price of this T2023 Bond is 99 cts, this means if I sell online all my 10 lots of this T2023 Bond, I get back $9,900 minus brokerage commission? 3)And if I don't sell my this Temasek TO23 bond after 5 years, what will happen to this bond, is it same as Singapore savings bond whereby all the money of my this Temasek T023 bond is auto-deposited into my SGX-GIRO-linked bank account?!