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    got hidden meh everyone can see leaks section what
  2. i actually quite like eating texas chicken leh... is not bad lah for me
  3. dk leh, she said is not her
  4. can see here in this link.. https://www.kingalliance.com.sg/blog-1/manage-your-blog-from-your-live-site from the site: As we all know how these types of stories come about, With women and money. But this lady is exceptional. Tan Soo Kian Lily, whom is married, has constantly stayed in contact with a businessman using enticing messages to communicate with him. Flooding him with messages as seen in the screen capture provided. When their relationship became sour, she shamelessly demanded for a $100,000.00 breakup fee. She is known to have a string of lovers, that’s what sparked the breakup between them. When the businessman found out that he wasn’t her true love, he wanted to ended his relationship with her. But that’s not all of it. Before this whole saga about this breakup fee, Mrs Tan apparently had contacted this businessman for a private loan total of $300,000.00 during relationship, which he did loan to her as seen in the transactions provided in the images. This lady even threatened to splash paint at his office, engaging of people to break his legs and scribbling his car with a red lipstick. Naturally a police report was made by the businessman to protect himself. In order for this businessman to get back his owed money, he has engaged King Alliance Debt Recovery to pursue the money owed. As seen in the video provided, Mrs Tan who runs a Kway Chap stall in Ang Mo Kio Blk 527 was extremely hostile in her actions and words when the Debt Collectors were sent to negotiate with Mrs Tan in regards to her money owed. She didn’t “give chance” at all to the Debt Collector, becoming a lioness making a scene at her stall.
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