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  1. Something something who did he vote for. Anyway PET scan won't save him. Even after surgery 5yr survival rate very low.
  2. Nose so big later her brother bigger than you.
  3. Same. Last time I trained her to pay for my food so she has some experience. But I paid for large ticket items like hotels and air tickets so it balances out.
  4. So expensive how to go for date? Females want to start paying?
  5. Everyone shout out kieusero instead of ohayogozaimasu. Show them you the man!
  6. I've seen better Akumas. His opponents are just so lousy that CPU plays better.
  7. These pioneer gen ppl so guillible to vote for pap after they received a card and some fringe benefits. The mps however will take their S&C money and go laughing to the bank.
  8. I think his name is Robert, so stupid let girls cheat. Ktv girl first red flag. 1 year girl propose marriage another red flag. Working yet still ask for 10k per mth. Red flags everywhere.
  9. I like it raw like WAV raw.
  10. Proving cheating intent is quite difficult which is why so many sls shops escape for so long.
  11. So she become pediatrician now? Human babies are not made to digest cows milk as there is too much fat content.
  12. If 20k trade for wedding dinner i think still worth it. If the guy still have to pay then not worth it.
  13. Healthcare diploma making 2.8k upon graduation and almost everyone will be employed before graduation. He stupidly joined wrong course.
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