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  1. less than 5min clip.. but watch especially 3.05 onwards. ..more moral rectitude in the behaviour of their leaders… proud of the generation that went before them.. imagine such discussions still relevant by the comments that are still on-going... less than 1 day ago.
  2. if they read up a little bit.. we'll never have the TAN KAH KEE name around. unless of course, we are celebrating a known communist. Tan Kah Kee (21 October 1874 – 12 August 1961), also known as Chen Jiageng, was a Chinese businessman, community leader, communist and philanthropist active in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and various Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Xiamen, and Guangzhou. ..source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tan_Kah_Kee and of course.. Tan Kah Kee's daughter arranged marriage to Lee Kong Chian [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Kong_Chian] ... who as protege of Tan kah kee... lead to the creation and rise of the LEE Foundation aka ocbc bank
  3. ha ha... i just witnessed the other day an old lady complaining that the e-scooter people ARE NOT allowed on the pavement. so she stood in the middle of the pathway and prevented the e-scooter from going forward ON THE PEDESTRIAN path ... like that how? if you go on the road, you use your scooter and go to jail!? because some "don't know the rules old folk" sabo you. education ... applies to ALL using the roads. although I think before you ride another electric, you should at least pass basic theory level 1. last time, even the illiterate hawkers with their 3 wheel bicycle also must apply for bicycle disc!
  4. that means.. if you rented the second unit to, erm, a very hardworking singer / entertainment artist, you would not be charged for running an illegal brothel and/or living off the earnings from such illegal acts? just wondering. because it seems this dual key is gaining a huge popularity in certain areas of singapore.
  5. but seriously. it is crowded.
  6. oh. for a moment there. i though we were talking about how genghis khan conquered the world ... to the point that 1 of 200 men are his direct DNA linked descendants. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2010/08/1-in-200-men-direct-descendants-of-genghis-khan/#.XISJgy2B1TY
  7. imagine. you are at home on 1 side surfing our fav fapfapfap forum. ... and the other, a highly active atb. what's going to happen
  8. used to be key point. OPPOsite concourse.. and erm, right next to textile centre for all those who knows
  9. .. those who are targeted are all regarded, rightly or wrongly, as part of the elite—or, more accurately, as part of an illegitimate, undeserving elite which is cheating the people. And those doing the most to promote this divide, at a time of eroding ideological attachments, are the country’s populists... you can never imagine where this statement is being made: Ever since Mr Macron upended the mainstream political parties at elections in 2017, political opposition in France has shifted to the extremes. “You are hated, massively hated,” declared François Ruffin, a deputy from the far-left Unsubmissive France, to the president in an open letter late last year. Marine Le Pen, on the far right, blames the “agitators, revolutionaries, anarchists” of the far left for the gilets jaunes violence. But she just as often lays into the self-serving political elite herself. Her campaign slogan reads simply: “Power to the people”. quote [Anti-Semitism, racism and anti-elitism are spreading in France. The level of publicly expressed loathing harks back to the 1930s] imagine. when the people had enough. Les miserable.. do you hear the people sing
  10. otokiki

    Cheap $7 buffet

    THANKS! will try one day when around
  11. otokiki

    Cheap $7 buffet

    ops. quoted wrongly location please? little india a little BIG to hunt around
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