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  1. :NOT PUBLIC WARNING: DO NOT READ at night. sure must have supper after that.
  2. otokiki

    NUS research fellow who cheated Uni jailed

    Research Track Staff members with focus on conducting fundamental research of high international quality. Appointments on this Track include Research Assistants, Research Fellows, Senior Research Fellows, Associate Professor (Research) and Professor (Research). They are on term contracts of 1 – 3 years in the first instance http://www.nus.edu.sg/careers/acadappt.htm
  3. otokiki

    NUS research fellow who cheated Uni jailed

    seems like all these smart scholars all horrible at running companies. somehow, why do people still think that these type of scholarly smart people all very good at everything! Maybe the research fellow 1 month $$ smelly smelly really not enough.
  4. otokiki

    WILL Eric Cheung Hoyu return to SG?

    Lorry driver Teo Seng Tiong, 57, faces two charges. He is accused of causing hurt to cyclist Eric Cheung Hoyu, 35, by negligently failing to keep a proper lookout while overtaking him. Teo's actions resulted in him encroaching into the path of a taxi on his right, thus causing him to swerve left and collide into Cheung, court documents stated. The maximum punishment is a jail term of six months and a $2,500 fine. The driver faces a second charge of failing to make a police report within 24 hours of the accident, which occurred at about 11.55am on Dec 22 last year along Pasir Ris Drive 3. The offence carries a fine of up to $1,000 or up to three months' jail for a first offender Cyclist Eric Cheung Hoyu, a British national, also faces two charges. He is accused of committing mischief by knocking off the side mirror of Teo's lorry with his hand, causing damage of $15. The maximum punishment is a year's jail and a fine. Cheung is also charged with breaching traffic rules by riding his bicycle in the middle of the leftmost lane, instead of keeping to the far left edge of the road, thereby causing obstruction to faster-moving vehicles. A first offender faces a fine of up to $1,000 or up to three months' jail. ... The court approved Cheung's request to leave Singapore to attend a planned family reunion in Hong Kong between Jan 17 and 22. Additional bail of $10,000 was imposed. ...
  5. otokiki

    Funny funny ha ha funny (nerds only)

    ...funny... aQRoMrW_460sv.mp4
  6. otokiki

    RED || GREEN. from the BBC no less

    public service announcement aVY7j9y_460sv.mp4
  7. otokiki

    [Documentary] Heydays of Dongguan

    long time ago when police man wear shorts. now, give me a 4 hand massage i happy already.
  8. otokiki

    [Documentary] Heydays of Dongguan

    that place.. thankfully gone. But will stay firmly embedded in memories
  9. otokiki

    [Documentary] Heydays of Dongguan

    sisters were fun but twins. heavenly.
  10. interesting... many lessons for us: Ching Chiat Kwong... Born in 1965 to parents of Shanghainese descent, he’s worked in various jobs including as a tour agent and a police officer. His first foray into real estate was in 1996 when he set up Oxley Construction, which helped build show units for property developers.. From Police Officer to Property Developer In a report about a feature on Mr Ching in The Edge Singapore, it is revealed how Oxley’s CEO and Executive Chairman started out as a member of the Singapore Police Force. He returned to police work after taking up sociology and graduating with honours from the National University of Singapore. A couple of years later, Mr Ching left the Force to work at a variety of jobs such as selling otah and cleaning sewers at a wet market. These odd jobs kept him while he began his career as a contractor. Soon, he began constructing show-flats for the Fragrance Group (whose CEO we’ve profiled in a previous post) and other property developers. Building these show-flats enabled Mr Ching to learn the industry’s ins and outs. Having learned what he could, he took a mortgage on his home and began what would become the Tyrwhitt 139 condominium in Little India. According to The Edge, Mr Ching was so nervous the night before the condo’s launch, he woke up vomiting in the middle of the night
  11. can somebody please help? I'm trying to find the actual quote... <paraphrase> as long as there is no protest outside, it means that everyone is happy with the government ...
  12. otokiki

    Go marina bay walk

    really nice pics. awesome.
  13. otokiki

    random daily boliao pics

    real size of moose compared to car. random bola pics
  14. otokiki

    Vintage Collectibles: Yakult Straws

    alamak. i always drink this way...