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  1. In b4 Avengers: Infinity Wars "I don't feel so well..."
  2. Coughing.. Phlegm.. Mucus.. Blocked nose.. Headache.. Maybe fever.. Body pain.. What is the best way to get better? Oh man...
  3. Okay okay... next time I GPGT wa feel dam honored to have chiobu turn around to look at me a couple of times
  4. Yes Melaka lots of very pretty jiuhubus
  5. Sorry lah... Cannot anyhow snipe or take pics of other students...
  6. But engin better prospects.. so they say... anw tiagong many in science are jiu hu bus one
  7. I happen to be "crashing" a lecture now. Lol
  8. Not I say one lah. U ask Mancunian2 AND YES SALES.PROSTITUTE IS AN OILY VIRGIN BBFA LOL
  9. Jelly of someone who self-pwned and ruined his own life by posting shit and as well ownself expose ownself online? LOL
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