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  1. PAP solution: use taxpayer's money to feed brother brother business..... hahah..... you voted for this.
  2. ||||||||||

    hahahahahaha: whole family pump the car

    haha, the little girl pushing her father's backside..............
  3. ||||||||||

    Diseases that doge can detect

    i could detect breast cancer using my hands and tongue also.
  4. they sell whole roast pig also.
  5. ||||||||||

    saving sinkieland street food

    the report make it seems like the fault lies on the youngsters, if PAP doesn't make the cost so high for hawkers i think many ppl would take up hawker as their career.
  6. ||||||||||

    biggest JLB in SAF

    9 months shake legs still get millions salary?
  7. ||||||||||

    Bicycle-sharing firm Mobike raises bike rental prices

    Who cares, now can't find mobike anyway.
  8. ||||||||||

    Foyce Le shows her 2 balloons !!!!

    fwah! i want to marry her!!!
  9. ||||||||||

    Beer Ramen

  10. CECA cheating, what's new. if he never been caught will he stop the cheat? i smell bullshit too.
  11. i wonder how many of them really eat regularly at hawker centers....
  12. PUI! not buying pixel3 !!!