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  1. ||||||||||

    atb buy 3rm resale

    OMG i want to marry her
  2. ||||||||||

    Sexy Korean Zeh Zeh wear like this take video KYM

    i want to play with her funbags
  3. ||||||||||

    FW kill 1.5 sinkies at sungei kadut, song bo

    dun dare to report FTs.... if sinkies name all plastered gao gao on first page.
  4. ||||||||||

    This ATB can really eat bui bui meat

    i'm getting heartburn watching her eat that.
  5. ||||||||||

    Whatsapp leak from imgur!

    the minah is delicious.
  6. really waste of air......
  7. oppo really innovative now, apple also cannot fight
  8. this show is not even worth the ticket price.
  9. ||||||||||

    HKers praise SG housing policy for long term vision!

    shit praising shit is still shit
  10. what a nice girl, i want to marry her
  11. ||||||||||

    [Review] Texas chicken

    same, i tried once and never want to eat texas chicken again in my life.
  12. ||||||||||

    Fake Taxi spotted

  13. ||||||||||


    the curry mee is my fav in that hawker center.
  14. ||||||||||

    #AmbientWalking Geylang 4am

    where's all the chickens?