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  1. ||||||||||

    What would you do? china version

    fake one lah...............
  2. ||||||||||

    2019 过年 cheongsam collection

    i'll give her all my CPF money!!!!
  3. i see this damn scared..... PAP never do anything "not for profit"
  4. ||||||||||

    Lion King VS Cat King

    the cat like wtf look....
  5. ||||||||||


    review good or bad?
  6. ||||||||||

    [GPGT] Oppai as canvas for drawing KYM

  7. i'll give her all my money and pump 10 kids with her
  8. ||||||||||

    2019 yearly forecast

    can't see shit captain...........
  9. ||||||||||

    100 most beautiful faeces of 2018

    i came in because of shit........... left disappointed.
  10. ||||||||||

    She got dumped cause she too ugly.

    i want to marry her
  11. ||||||||||

    creative shares crashing, sgx query

    tech stocks already cannot touch anymore..... who still dare to go play
  12. ||||||||||

    Asking free money for nothing

    link not working
  13. ||||||||||

    How to find your soulmate?

    i found mine at geylang lorong 22
  14. ||||||||||

    Lucky Jippun taxi driver

    i wouldn't mind to put by face on their butt and take in all her goodness smells
  15. ||||||||||

    huawei founder yanger dotter kym?

    i want to marry her