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  1. You own house also cannot smoke?? I wonder how they going to enforce it
  2. yes there is, last time i go they are renovating.
  3. wah... this is interesting!
  4. ||||||||||

    it just flooding only

    hahaha..... the play majong really power......
  5. ||||||||||

    Any 2 / 3 in 1 cable brand to recommend?

    try Ugreen, lazada
  6. inside got some model shops..... last time got those lup sup massage bars at the back alley. the KTV open already?
  7. ||||||||||

    Comex got last day mega sales !!

  8. ||||||||||

    boleh MM give sex advise

  9. ||||||||||

    #Adidas and Ultra Boost

    erm.... if you factor in the tshirts it's still 200+
  10. ||||||||||

    [Review] Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup

    very normal only lah.... don't know why so popular...... taste like normal food court standard.
  11. kns new flats are getting worst.....
  12. ||||||||||

    This CKT got so much hum

    hepatitis alert!!!
  13. ||||||||||

    zehzeh wear calvin klein learn muay thai kym?

    i want to marry her!!!!
  14. ||||||||||

    Yakult sold out at NTUC. Man demanded for explaination

    no yakult cannot buy vitagen ah?
  15. so if LED light spoilt who gonna replace?