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  1. SK

    月光寶盒 actress has died, body found

    Sad case man. Hope she find peace in after life
  2. SK


    Um chio don't worry tiagong serious rumour, got funded already Some more 3 mths straight
  3. Pls la what is Trump talking about He never heard of Singapore before?
  4. SK

    I am convinced that "Introverts" don't exist

    That also sounds similar to having some form of depression / (social) anxiety disorder
  5. Becoming a peer pressure nao!!!!!!
  6. Migrating to Canada nao!!!!!!!!
  7. SK

    Updates on edmw.life

  8. SK

    Man loses S$49,500 from bank account in phishing scam

    my eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss
  9. Applying for US citizen nao!!!!!!!
  10. Immediate and invest sure huat biggggggggg
  11. SK


  12. Heng I only play love games
  13. SK

    Updates on edmw.life