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  1. Lead by people that have no idea
  2. Ratty

    Now PAP got new Snake Oil. U buying?

    Talk cock like sing songs
  3. Ratty

    SIA plane hits aerobridge at Changi Airport

    All the bad things coming back to haunt them,
  4. Birds of the feather flock together. This is the local elites
  5. Ratty

    Sakae Sushi boss to be NMP !!

    Beginning of the end. The business world knows how "trustworthy is him"
  6. He take care of foreigners and elites only. The rest of us are screwed.
  7. Ratty

    Racist remark by Fandi Ahmad?

    It was OK till a minister take over.
  8. Would not happen, by PAP logic Tean Lim pay too low to talk to them.
  9. Hang him, we need less people like him.
  10. Expose please and see how many elites here shit in their pants
  11. After 3 years of milking the hawker still not enough?