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  1. Ratty

    Mustafa investigated by MOM, song bo

    Too many places do that. Even individual, hiring manager and employees.
  2. Ratty

    The Sintua Thread

    Generally if there is a festival or celebration nearby, this are camps setup for the protection of that.
  3. Ratty

    The Sintua Thread

    5 Camps. Central East South West North.
  4. That is good news. Some of the deliveries people really sotong. Can go to wrong address and claim you are not there
  5. Ratty

    Lazada sold 2.7 TONNE of Milo in 2hr.

    Start to stock diabetic medicine shares.
  6. Ratty

    Hawkers are business owners; they know what to do

    The more they meddle the worst it get. Leave them alone.
  7. Time to stop abuse of the system by labeling them social enterprise. It purely enterprise for huge profits.
  8. One sold us to China, the other to India
  9. Most IT recruitment consultants is Ah neh