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  1. Ratty

    WILL Eric Cheung Hoyu return to SG?

    This people give cyclist a bad name.
  2. Ratty

    How do you stay cool under pressure?

    Start breathing, people forget to breathe properly when stress. And let emotions take over. Easier said than done.
  3. Hang Her, save the world from her type of people
  4. Climate scientists compilation report from main stream media cannot be trusted. Read from the source. The people complying them are not technical but commercial. All to earn $$$ carbon tax and alternative power source. Do I believe that human contribute to global warming, the answer is yes. What I disagree is the amount that we are contributing to it. I believe that it is far lesser that is reported.
  5. Ratty

    one toilet, two systems

    He believe in his privacy and decency.
  6. Ratty

    one toilet, two systems

    Happen to me in Blue Mountain, the ladies from korea just came in cause the ladies side have queue. The Aussie was shock and keep telling telling the ladies this is the gents side.
  7. Ivory tower with no hands on experience. Most are NATO and lack any experience. Cant even see their own fault that cause the issues. One thing they are good, pushing the blames to others.
  8. Election coming, start of the goodies.
  9. Ratty

    who kena delivery like this person?

    Tried before, door bell needed to be pressed before recording.
  10. No point of this rule where nobody is enforcing. Pass any ITE and you can how many is smoking.
  11. Ratty

    who kena delivery like this person?

    Problem my unit is those door facing door type.
  12. Greed and power knows no bound. They will corrupt most people. Beware of people who claim they are whiter then white. Often their hearts are the blackest.
  13. It about time. The goal for local is to make housing affordable not to enrich the elites.