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  1. First world airport, third world workers and attitudes.
  2. Ratty

    How HDB Lifts Are Maintained In Singapore

    My concern, is there enough qualified technicians. Not those with fake qualification.
  3. We can compete with the rest of the world. It the FT with their lying, fake degree and experience and hiring their village people plus the stupid elites that are taken in by their lies that we cannot compete.
  4. Ratty

    Illegal floor found in industrial building

    Nothing will happen, let move on.
  5. A plane is as good as it pilot. Give them the world best vs a vintage jet fighter fly by a experience pilot. Can change the odds to his favor
  6. Upset that they could not cover up and get away, main stream media must make sure that whistle blower is not welcome by the elites .
  7. Ratty

    This bus wrong side of the road at bugis

    Funny and sad. This the degradation of Singapore standard.
  8. Time to sent the CECA back to their own country, they need to defend their country.
  9. Ratty

    Is 2019 the end of honeymoon period for FT policy?

    A million more coming, more dark days ahead
  10. Ratty

    Why do people believe the rich and powerful?

    Seen some poor become rich slowly, seen a lot rich become poor rapidly. All due to greed and the feeling that nothing can go wrong for them. Most of the rich that goes poor are often children of rich parents. But the poor who have gotten rich, most of them, I dont see them lasting more then 2 generation.
  11. There were kingdoms that come and go from the digs in fort canning. That is one area. The british rewrote alot of histories in this area to legitimate the colonization of Singapore and Malaya.
  12. And the one to benefit is crony and CECAs