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  1. Killed by treatment that suppose to save you. It is like no pork no lard for healthy , EU and FDA have remove all this fake news over a decade ago and we in Singapore still have it.
  2. Ratty

    woman fatally stabbed @ AMK ITE

  3. AG will be fixed. Problem sweep underneath carpet. It is all oppo fault.
  4. Ratty

    what wrong with this cyclist?

    Cant cure stupidity
  5. Hang him, for polluting the water.
  6. Elites took over FAS it was downhill all the way. And this repeat again and again. Kind of like this country.
  7. war comes run away. War over, come back claims they save Singapore. Happen in WW2.
  8. stupidity knows no bound
  9. Typical employers, fake news so to open market for cheap labours
  10. Their definition of meritocracy is different from the dictionary.