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  1. I stop reading when it mention that beef is supposedly more healthy.
  2. There is always error. It is not perfect. 2 factors is much better.
  3. Not when it is in a private hospital that house (polyclinic patients. ) the gov hospital outsource to. They will said they have conclude the finding and need more time testing. In CGH and SGH I agree they discharge ASAP.
  4. That is the problem when you run health care like a money grabbing business. A simple medicine will suffice, they make you stay in hospital for days, run numerous test that come out nothing wrong with you. And do they do? Recommend treatments that have the potentials to make you worse in the name of helping you.
  5. Rents is the bread and butter of all GIC. That is the last thing to be consider by them. The gov will bring up foreign workers issue and why they need to bring in more. Even rents cost is the highest opex.
  6. And in Singapore we have less jobs for local and more for ft
  7. NEA sleeping. Most breeding in hdb is the water tanks and construction sites. But they chose to search houses.
  8. What the point? When return here no support given to local.
  9. Ratty

    The Sintua Thread

    Which temple is this?
  10. First world airport, third world workers and attitudes.
  11. My concern, is there enough qualified technicians. Not those with fake qualification.
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