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  1. Guan084

    Power generation sector crushed by massive overcapacity

    so much excess and yet my electricity bill is going up? something wrong right?
  2. Guan084

    The curious case of missing wealth taxes in Singapore

    That's why our gini coefficient is one of the highest in developed countries. Our middle class is going to get squeezed more and more until they disappear.
  3. You think 9-10 seconds very long but in reality it is very fast. Especially if you are caught by surprise. Most likely the 3 guys wasn't expecting the gun to be lowered. So take 2 seconds to realise, 4 seconds to react then end up with only 4 seconds for 3 fully grown man to get out of the way.
  4. Guan084

    heng, baby is ok

    that's why walkers are dangerous. they enable a baby who has no judgemental skills to roam around freely.
  5. Guan084

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    A lot if mnc HR i know still try to lowball their candidates so that they don't have to pay market rates.
  6. Guan084

    Shenzhen's Infamous Low Wage Workers' Trap

    That's the thing, bosses are constantly looking for ways to exploit cheap labour so as to maximise their profits. That's why the west have unions to protect their worker's rights.
  7. Did any passengers get bird shit on them?
  8. Guan084

    WILL Eric Cheung Hoyu return to SG?

    All the self righteous cyclist can go eat shit. When video first came out those cyclists keep defending him say he nv break any law. They always suka suka interpret the law to their own advantage. Now the courts have spoken they can only lan lan suck thumb.
  9. Guan084

    Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Johor

    They got petrol subsidy, we got petrol tax.
  10. Guan084

    SingPost delivers apology for recent 'service failures'

    Typical. Instead of confronting the issues and solving the problem, they look for excuses.
  11. Guan084

    Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Johor

    All the SB70 humji. Why need to organise shopping trips there in the first place? I thought Singapore very affordable? Why don't support local business?
  12. Guan084

    SG Badminton Hero: Loh Kean Yew

    Not an easy feat. Congrats.
  13. You think the druggies will bother to throw they used needles in those proper boxes?
  14. Some people can't take a joke. They can only laugh at others but not themselves. That makes them the biggest racists.
  15. looks and sound indian, must be new immigrant. don't sound british at all. overstayed and yet had the cheek to slap the officer.