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  1. Guan084

    [News] Three MY ships still in SG waters

    So they dare to sue Malaysia govt for spreading fake news by saying their boat never come near our waters?
  2. It's going to be an uphill battle. The main problem is our Asian diet which is rice based. We need to educate people on better alternatives and make sure those alternatives are cheap and easily available.
  3. Will smell fishy or not?
  4. Guan084

    kgk bid $4k for fishball mee stall

    Are they gonna spin the story say is the owner cannot find workers to operate the stall that's why close down? or the workers asking for 10k per month?
  5. Guan084

    RIP Tumblr

    oh well, what else is tumblr good for anyway? think they can close shop liao.
  6. Seriously i don't see the value add of a lot of these youtubers. don't know how long this model is gonna remain sustainable.
  7. Then the video montage show what? The piak piak videos?
  8. Guan084

    Nintendo Switch Expected to Outsell PS4 in 2019

    You look at history. The wii also outsold the xbox and ps3 but in the end? A lot of people bought the wii either for the gimmick or as gifts for little children but they stop playing with it after a couple of months. The ps and xbox continue to be played for treats.
  9. I read the first part already think it's bullshit. Old people working in McDonald's means they are engaged? Please la, they got no pension that's why got to work in McDonald's ok? Idiot spent his childhood playing masak masak I Singapore primary school and he thinks he knows the whole country well enough.
  10. Guan084

    [GPGT]SG MeiMei KYM ? @hongyinggg

    Sure is her bo?
  11. The thing is, there is not much consumer protection in Singapore. All the ruling only helps them cover their backsides.
  12. Once in 50 years. Anyway they will blame it on climate change instead of their poor planning to build more drainage infrastructure and maintain the drains properly.
  13. RIP tragic loss due to a cock driver.
  14. The teacher who bk her got promoted sia.
  15. Good move even though i am a smoker myself.