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  1. Guan084

    Thank you Amy Khor

    horse behind cannon, stupid idea to let private business run hawkers in the first place that caused all this problems.
  2. Guan084

    This TW teacher KYM?

    that was a joke. i can see that guy is not Bill.
  3. Guan084

    This TW teacher KYM?

    Wah she take picture with Bill Nye the Science Guy?
  4. Competitive and innovative economy means here is good for business and growth. And yet it doesn't really translate into better salaries for Singaporeans.
  5. So in the end it is still business as usual for the management, and the cost gets passed to the customers. genius move. only kumgong SB70 will welcome such moves.
  6. I thought this trailer out for a few years liao?
  7. Guan084

    Johor wants crooked bridge to Singapore revived

    The purpose is less of congestion and more of letting ships bypass Singapore ports.
  8. Guan084

    宏茂桥沟渠清水如泉涌 公众纷舀水

    Paiseh old already eyesight no good.
  9. Guan084

    宏茂桥沟渠清水如泉涌 公众纷舀水

    Wtf take drain water to cook. Must be AT.
  10. Guan084


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  11. The worth of the bags could be inflated. They might have used the pricing of the real bags as a benchmark. Maybe the cost of the counterfeits only 5k.