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  1. Can't really see in the video but the pedestrian crossing is red and he still walking on the road?
  2. Other than Japan, or salaries here all higher than the other countries, of course they will want to come here and leech then go back and live like kings. Whereas Singaporeans got where to go for higher salary except US or Europe? And even then the taxes there and expenditure so high, we can't save as much compared to those 3rd work country coming Singapore to work. Singaporean workers are caught in a bad situation.
  3. Coz the gahmen is the one who sold the koyok that hdb is an investment asset. All this is so that they can sell BTO against market rate and earn money from the land sale.
  4. No choice they run out of A list characters liao
  5. I think he's talking about b or c list comic characters
  6. Then instead of Zordon, his powers are given by ah gong?
  7. Coming soon to a hdb near you. So many China developer here now.
  8. Lol with the NOL killer at the helm what do you expect?
  9. I've already said this a long time ago. All this is nothing more than cost savings for company and self wanking for SJW to let themselves feel good but actually doesn't help the environment.
  10. We spend so much on transport just so that private operators can earn millions?
  11. That's why sometimes i think Asian culture of respecting the elders is wrong. Wisdom doesn't come with age. This culture has bred entitled aunties and uncles who think it's their good given right to sit on the mrt.
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