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  1. support pgd sex.... really is kgk.... edit: only reporters left at legislative building with popo surrounding and ready to move in
  2. not yet, only hk police but the protesters in and around the legislative building all siam far far once they see the popo going to take action soon maybe going to other sites where the police are going to meet with the protesters 1st?
  3. looks like something's going to happen now, their news channels are showing police moving off from their HQ
  4. police withdrew? no wonder can see photos of protesters in the building destroying stuff with no one stopping them
  5. battle of the cable ties, protesters cable tied up railings and the police are doing the same thing now
  6. isn't the pla building by the side of the hk's government buildings? they are watching...
  7. going to a neighborhood clinic is already costly, a visit can cost around $70 with medication for the flu. common flu but dump you with all kinds of medicines then charge a lot. (cough syrup, sore throat loz, phlegm dissolver eff, running nose tablet, antibiotic)
  8. don't want to see aerith's death again, so not going to play it hearsay will come out in 3 parts, part 1 will focus on midgar, wonder how long will it takes for them to release overworld
  9. left one looks like green goblin. right one doesn't fit into either hero or villain, maybe teenage hero version like teen superman?
  10. the mysim plans are gone??? those are good, ie. mysim(20), 15gb/mth, 100mins talktime, 100sms and free caller-id, a pity....
  11. zombie deer virus in us and canada, plague found in mongolia, swine flu in china, then monkeypox from nigeria found here.... diseases are having a field day....
  12. hmm.... maybe don don will take over the place? else why they don't let isetan stay?
  13. like the interaction between sheldon, the smart girl and with the professor too.
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