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  1. should be all inside stomach by now
  2. been 1 week already, smell still going strong
  3. yea... and the flat earth is carried by 4 elephants called Tubul, Jerakeen, Berilia and Great T'Phon on the back of a turtle, the Great A'Tuin. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/discworld/images/9/9b/The_Discworld.png/revision/latest?cb=20060209182259
  4. rip documentaries and regular showtimes when there's live sport telecasts but... as if a lot of people watch mediacorp channels
  5. arcticfox


    bought from iherb before, not nice de, too sweet like sugar syrup, not much bacon taste
  6. arcticfox

    Qing Dynasty Royalty Women: TV Drama vs Reality

    zhou's and qin's one quite nice, nice and simple
  7. so many lines in the east side, east side huat ah
  8. likewise the escooters' registration, have yet to see any escooter display the id plate
  9. arcticfox

    taxi driver not allow beer and pork

    post deleted?
  10. and they still cut down so many old shady trees, then after that either never plant new ones or plant those that wouldn't grow into big shady ones
  11. saw on taiwanese news that the virus was found in sausages and bak kwa, heat treated tin-canned ones are safe
  12. arcticfox

    Pepsi Cola Black and coca cola zero

    normal coca cola not nice le. coca cola bottled version was called coca cola classic few months ago, it had total sugar of 25.4g at serving size of 240ml. they have since removed this version and started marketing the normal version as coca cola original less sugar, has total sugar of 18g at serving size of 240ml, which has a stronger chemical aftertaste(or maybe it is just me that tasted it) for some reason, they may have reduce the normal sugar/cane sugar and increase the amount of sucralose in the newer version they are selling now.
  13. arcticfox

    Pepsi Cola Black and coca cola zero

    preferred coke if paired with food or mixed with other drinks. pepsi if just to quench thirst, pepsi citrusy is too strong