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  1. a lot of people online are saying that fine is a tiny amount of what she earned, easily paid off
  2. don't think the fridge and pot cooler will work in our humid climate
  3. seems like it will be better to open another bank account with debit card and less than $100 in the acc at all times, topup from actual acc if more $ is needed for purchases.
  4. arcticfox

    SG Bonus $300 cumming, excited anot?

    the current credit to bank is more than good enough. not much difference receiving it ~10 days earlier. unless they give additional cash incentives to use paynow to receive the credit, don't think a lot will signup
  5. constant raise over past few periods already....
  6. arcticfox

    Vivian Lai CEO hubby tio pok-ka

    was given free samples of asia story's chrysanthemum tea and soymilk, sipped a little, found that it doesn't taste good, threw the rest away
  7. arcticfox

    NSF hanged ownself at Sembawang Airbase

  8. arcticfox

    Pervert in Punggol use drone to peep on people in toilet

    robbers can do that then robbed the place
  9. arcticfox

    Exchange 'Like' Thread

    Good late evening to birdy, xiange and everyone. xiange, got something for you. won't embed but will give you the link. go to youtube.com and add /watch?v=6F2ZJ9rh2xs then go to magic number 29.57sec.
  10. arcticfox

    Chiong Ahhhhhhh, PGD here we come

    86 looks like the number of times it had been held, c86 is held in summer 2014 after googling https://matcha-jp.com/en/466, this summer one is c94 after searching https://www.comiket.co.jp/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comiket
  11. arcticfox

    Chiong Ahhhhhhh, PGD here we come

    i am guessing the event is their summer comiket since it said 宅宅 and around this time of the year, not sporting event
  12. ah... i meant the 1st 2 rules doesn't apply to those ground floored units
  13. don't think applicable to ground floor units
  14. arcticfox

    Does anyone know where I can buy these mugs cheap?

    you have to go reddit to answer TS, he probably can see what you posted here