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  1. arcticfox

    Eating our way through Jewel Changi Airport | CNA Lifestyle

    i think @向日葵intro to us that chocolate before
  2. QC's already bad at the normal price, will be even more accident prone now
  3. arcticfox

    northpoint feng food kym

    dumplings in chilli oil look good, but at $6, rather try to make the dish myself
  4. arcticfox

    The air quality is bad today

    same issues every night, have to wait til mid may for wind direction change and it will be haze from indo again
  5. what if someone do with bad posture and got knee injury in return?
  6. arcticfox

    'Avengers: Endgame': Official synopsis and runtime revealed

    3hours!!! think watch at home better, can pause it if want to go to the toilet
  7. saltwater... ah... so good to drink
  8. arcticfox

    Heavy Rain

    rained at bedok moments ago, started at woodlands now
  9. arcticfox

    Heavy Rain

    long awaited rain, nice cooling weather
  10. they better not cave in and not offer real bacon and ale
  11. arcticfox

    'Pay-as-you-throw' system to limit household waste?

    coming soon to a rubbish chute area near you, erp, electronic rubbish pricing,
  12. arcticfox

    'Pay-as-you-throw' system to limit household waste?

    cannot throw into hutch, then throw public bin if cannot throw public bin after that, then throw into open area and if can't do that again, then throw into waterway
  13. arcticfox

    MR ceremony?

    depends on units bah, most likely wait, then co opening, games at safra, more waiting again, co talk/closing, give awards, collect watch and mr letter and finally the buffet if mr at safra
  14. arcticfox

    MR ceremony?

    mr'ed last year, they are giving watches from swiss military now, designs cannot make it every year too