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  1. arcticfox

    Sitex 2018 pictues

    why got cars de?
  2. arcticfox

    huai taiwan rallies so entertaining

    dingding lost his chance to be the mayor even if the court voided the election, won't be the same anymore after the green voters know the green party candidate cannot make it. the green voters will throw their votes to kp instead if there's a second election. alarms should have been raised once people found out that the voters who haven't vote and in the queue are able to watch live streaming of the city's votes being counted on their mobile phones.
  3. arcticfox

    [Dream Thread] What is your most common dream scene?

    woah... dreamt before flying and the lift without the cabin only the floor but can go sideways too
  4. arcticfox

    What is this recent madness about plastic straws?

    might as well stop using plastic cups and plastic coated paper cups... stupid fad
  5. arcticfox

    illegal fireworks @ race course rd

    STimes reported 2 men arrested, no name given
  6. arcticfox

    Diablo Immortal

    was expecting announcement of D4 in the works or at least a D3 druid addon but got a kungfu panda 4 mobile game reskin instead. of cos they will get boo'ed trying to become another EA(with what they did to c&c)
  7. arcticfox

    biggest JLB in SAF

    waiting for next election?
  8. arcticfox

    [GPGT] Tainan Pokemon Go Safari Zone attracts millions

    satki uncle, busy fingers
  9. arcticfox

    [Breaking] NSF dies during training

  10. a lot of people online are saying that fine is a tiny amount of what she earned, easily paid off
  11. don't think the fridge and pot cooler will work in our humid climate
  12. seems like it will be better to open another bank account with debit card and less than $100 in the acc at all times, topup from actual acc if more $ is needed for purchases.
  13. arcticfox

    SG Bonus $300 cumming, excited anot?

    the current credit to bank is more than good enough. not much difference receiving it ~10 days earlier. unless they give additional cash incentives to use paynow to receive the credit, don't think a lot will signup
  14. constant raise over past few periods already....