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  1. coalminer

    Samsung S10: Fold Fold Fold

    not mature yet, wait a few more generations then hoot for cheaps
  2. all wrong la should demolish all the statue and build a giant one to ah gong, no ah gong we still bathing in rivers and barter trading.
  3. The whole PC movement gonna doom whole of society. so damn stupid
  4. they want coalition but refuse to cooperate with big names, instead seem to let in tom, dick and harry... slowly eroding credibility.... then again compared to all the airborne white troopers, seems like everyside is just scraping the bottom of the barrel
  5. years ago when everyone kept claiming how good all these bike rentals were, I already said its like MLM. Look at the way its managed in tiongland, they just trying to park unused industrial capacity somewhere and prevent laying off their own workers. those bikes like $10 worth but need so much deposit and so many pattern, just to boost investor confidence. pump and run with all the money.
  6. coalminer

    Trump's trade plan against China is working

    very true, i see alot of tiongs phd level one pumping out papers for the sake of numbers of papers published and make the uni look prestigious, but how to apply all dont know. they can study until very deep mathematical models but ask them do simple presentation all blur like cock stand there. many very brain dead also, abit out of the box die can only give standard answers or answer totally out of point.
  7. coalminer

    Why Germany so reluctant to use cashless?

    trendy to see their favourite smlj korea, tiong stars using cashless so must follow trend if not lose face.
  8. coalminer

    Is Germany a good country to work?

    Germany speaks alot alot of english. short of going far east germany most are english educated and accepting of english speakers. their culture is abit more straightforward and strict so it does rub off as demeaning and fierce but its also because the language is very masculine. I like the culture there, food is good and environment quite nice. If company big why not go there try for a few years, nice stay not nice then pad resume
  9. coalminer

    Donations (Fundraising)

    ok dulan, today log in tell me websai not available. I setup mobile and sent from there, chiu see have or not
  10. coalminer

    Donations (Fundraising)

    closed and clear cache can get to this part, log in then fail liao
  11. coalminer

    Donations (Fundraising)

    moi one cannot leh, used 2 browsers also same
  12. coalminer

    Donations (Fundraising)

    kns DBS websai down for maintenance?
  13. still dont understand which scholar believes that national level strategic assets should be traded and outsourced to foreign entities willy nilly.
  14. coalminer

    WTF Using 0.5cal of less then 3-4m still can miss

    heavy gun harder to shoot actually, this kind of range use .22 plink better lor... then again ive seen someone shoot 36 rounds of .22 and none hit.