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  1. rater they demand must allow CECA to drive for us then hong gan liao. see all those fake licence go convert at TP station there, come outsai cannot even drive for shiat.
  2. TBH, every year, everyone also have one. not just for milo president, but also for the PC to know where to stop. hell even the marching contingent and the dancers got their own colour duct tape to stop at. PS. all the music, bands at NDP are all fake prerecorded and blasted through speakers.
  3. coalminer

    Early evacuation the default under new safety rules

    Ground not safe we report and ask sergeant, they fuck us and punish us, ask if want to stay on saturday to complete training instead, report not enough sleep, they fuck us never sleep and punish us, report sick say chao keng, got problem at home ask me go keng depression but will stay on my records, arm broken diagnosed by horsepeter but say want charge me for malingering tell me go MO remove all medical status and excuse upper limb. chiu tell me these wayangs got any use or not?
  4. Sometimes dark, sometimes white, text all funny funny colour very hard to read. Adblocker disabled, firefox and chrome same issues
  5. coalminer

    Man's 'cheap and rude' tipping method goes viral

    European model also rike notch bad, tip jar at the end chiu happy dump the change insai. Moi feel tipping should not be obligatory but if the server/restaurant ish goot then chiu tip, rike reward/bonus that other people need chiong KPI for.
  6. that place is good for cheap and unique things that outsai cannot find huan rah.... but go on weekend and PH consperm die insai, better to go weekdays 2-3pm
  7. coalminer

    Who really wants to help to keep this forum alive?

    now caipng also donch have alr wor.... eating bread and water, but nong nong taim ago just start up gotch donate ah, see if got surplus then donate again nor....
  8. coalminer

    Who really wants to help to keep this forum alive?

    not say dont want reh, butch now unemployed, also living day to day, no money to donate on regular basis
  9. cannot see people's message, a few threads also showing up rike this, kena cut off the message