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  1. coalminer

    jskm germany, aryan pride

    donch forget VW group owns a crapload of other foreign big brands, Lambo, Skoda, Scania, Bentley and many others. If not outright own is major shareholder kind of deals, also shows how much the East, West Germany situation caused such a big economic divide that is still felt today.
  2. coalminer

    This is huai so many tax increase coming issit?

    tiagong this year red flag F-35 K/D ratio and performance very good, Japan considering buying ~100 due to domestic R&D too expensive, or wait for Lockheed or Northrop to offer them. recently also reached IOC with Israel and a couple of European countries, forward basing in Japan also
  3. no wor, just watch before people do and those road side hawkers in malaysia,thailand etc. they just take and whack on the kerb until it break
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/could-f35-replace-singapore-rsaf-f16-fighter-jet-comparison-10815958 One whole section in CNA dedicated to promoting F-35 and all the advantages over the F16.
  5. the new concrete mix they use or the subcon they chose not good. by design the rougher surface to increase traction but also increase surface area for moisture to be trapped and algae to grow especially now blocks built closer and closer, no natural ventilation and sunlight to help dry out.
  6. maybe not in it together but act blur and enrich buddy buddy's assets, leelated so you huat I huat but peasants and their CPF can go and die
  7. They learn well from their masters, look at the NEA Brompton saga, 3 bids and tailoring contractual requirements to their own benefits. Simi track record, bizsafe, ACRA all bullshiat criteria set by themselves just rike must be Malay to be president but must run 500k company. One small leak and soon it becomes a flood of similar cases, now just how widespread is it and does MSM dare to report or just throw one or two cases under the bus only.
  8. can just plug in but sit on top of the belt. some places sell just the metal male piece, just stick into the other end and it will detect as seatbelt worn.
  9. coalminer

    Bunknifer pwn 590 SUSS students. Exam VOIDED! Song bo SUSS kia??

    or the students kumgong keep saying give free answer kena overheard by senior lecturers?
  10. coalminer

    Bunknifer pwn 590 SUSS students. Exam VOIDED! Song bo SUSS kia??

    Got bellcurve? why so salty, quite common for revision classes and tutorials to be exam questions what. Must be sore loser no friends to help give tips about what was taught
  11. punggol is really poorly designed and implemented, they never learn all the lessons from other towns? snakes of flyovers and filter lanes, miss one can go dont know which kang alr, lucky moi stay in juslum. anyway once you go from PIE to SLE rike all the drivers turn stupid, roadhogging, overtaking on left, no signal abrupt turns, damn dangerous. anyway 2-3 years enough liao mah, by then they can announce "study" completed, put ERP on all the roads leading to town.
  12. no jail time? 5000 is what peanuts to him lor 1 month smelly smelly 10k and up? fines should be pegged to income, many of these rich people starting to think they above the law, follow suit with how their fellow leeders are twisting and bending things to suit them.
  13. ya tastes good for hotpot and bbq, not salty salty rike fairprice one
  14. coalminer

    This vending machine selling salad really BKY

    really wonder how these vending machines profit, the orange juice one also popping up everywhere. perishable ingredients and need check and top up all the time plus refrigerate, surely the costs quite high
  15. good in theory only, all the stupid landscape engineers do look very nice in CGI and concept art, once built and nobody maintain, trim and care for the plants prepare to see all rotten and drop down or overgrown like forest. tenants also headache, always wet and humid very easy to grow mould and algae on the exterior, attract insects and stuff.