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  1. curry neh huai cannot put text below moi own quote. anyway moi said before, typical tiongland MO, create trouble then "step in". this exposes the hypocritical nonsense of 2 system 1 country that they like to wave around. time for HK and the world to wake up and see tiongland for what they really are.
  2. many construction co now no job, and if construction sector fall many upstream suppliers will also fall and the fallout will be very great. unemployed masses also dont make good votes so lan lan must give them lucrative jobs to do.
  3. good to have hardcopy especially if heading into unknown places. phone no batt or no signal die.
  4. can consperm CCP will park more PLA assets in HK then use this as excuse to roll out more draconian rules but this time making sure to shut down the internet first.
  5. NDP rehearsal in full swing riao
  6. TBH they have to surface before coming into straits, straits too crowded to sail submerged, even US subs surface and are escorted by PCG through straits and CNB
  7. Good burgers 10~15 lollar still acceptable, especially consider in UK/EU its also 10~20 Pound/Euro. Problem is when they try to lowball to macdonald's level and subsequently the quality also drops, most normal chains just cannot compete with mac's logistic chain that allows them to lower the prices so far. Wendy's, BK and LJS are common examples I like to cite, used to be damn good and almost dominated the market but nowadays suggest for dinner people laugh at the idea.
  8. had it in the UK, was bloody good. but that was because they had potato farms there growing the right breeds. come here will want to fight with macdonald roll out $5 value sai meals then fold in 3 months?
  9. sell by volume, then exploit workers in the debt ridden african countries, still cannot? wait IPO all the kg tionglanders pump life savings inside then wait blow big big dump and run ala all the bike sharing programmes.
  10. westgate isetan layout is rike sai, cannot find anything huan. the clothing and shoes brands all never see before who want to buy, only go buy that japanese imported food nia.
  11. had been in talks for ~20 years, problem is singapore sea area not big, tuas land reclamation alr so many ppl kbkp, SCS sensitive with pedra and the 9 dashed garbage. malacca straits not feasible due to sea traffic. besides whats stopping those illegal fishermen from coming over and steal your fish.
  12. also probably didnt help that when they had meetups and stuff people started to bk all the real life facebook accounts and blow problem until big big and many of the members left, subsequently nobody dare to organize trips alr. the amount of bullying also quite scary, iirc when nachtsider was around every reply he made was followed by some guy posting pinoy stuff, quite turn off if a community acts like this.
  13. TBH i see alot of the more active users gone already, not sure why also. nowadays always see the posts by socrates, theking only
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