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  1. democracy is only democracy if they vote and vote and vote until they get the results they desire, everything else is collusion and hacking and spies. look at Brexit now keep calling for revote. I always tell people, there must come a point where democracy is put aside and an independent panel of experts convened if all the parliamentary sessions go nowhere.
  2. temp solution nia, best case is to get HDB refund deposit. means deep seated issues soon to arise, can guarantee toilet will also hab problem soon
  3. coalminer

    How come planet Earth still has no defensive grid?

    the idea was to stop proliferation of weapons in space mah, if one country leads in space defense, means anytime they can turn it to point at any location in orbit at anytime, and even dropping a metal rod from space is enough to decimate an entire country
  4. rike that then is fresh and organic mah
  5. coalminer

    What is your favourite chiobu face shape?

    ya, rooks so weird especially after they also do up the eye balls big big, so creepy
  6. coalminer

    What is your favourite chiobu face shape?

    moi also donch rike the overly sharp chin especially now alot of ATBs go for surgery or filters that make the head look like alien
  7. coalminer

    Taiwanese work in SG complain long Working Hours

    there must be a point where democracy is regulated by an independent panel of scientist, engineers, economist, bankers, etc (you get it people with practical experience) before it all goes to hell. Look at Brexit and all those cases of oppose for the sake of oppose even if its for the benefit of the country and people. Trump stirred up so much trouble but can they argue that the economy has not improved? sometimes people need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture instead of opposing just because the person is not someone they like. Too much bureaucracy sometimes only serve to stall progress.
  8. coalminer

    A simple solution to Fermi Paradox

    moi thinks is just down to probability. the universe is as good as infinitely large given Human's tech restrictions against the physics and natural laws such as lifespan and suitability to outer space travel. So in such a big volume, the percentage of life is already so low, then for intelligence life even lower and out of this small pool of intelligent life, how many are capable of space travel much less long distance space travel if they are also governed by the same laws of physics as our solar system. Then lets assume there are a highly evolved life form out there, but they are sited on the opposite corner of Earth in the entire universe which can be thousands or even millions of lightyears away, how much time would they require to explore their own solar system, then their galaxy before they get here. Base on the aforementioned argument of thousands/millions of systems inbetween, even if they spend just 1 Earth day on each, how many years would it take before they even get here. As for replying to transmissions, again we dont even know how EM pulses from the Sun work, what are the odds of our transmissions even getting beyond where Voyager 1 has gotten to and how to we verify the integrity of the transmission. Then lets factor in obstructions/interference by other planets/systems and even other signatures from other stars, when it gets to the alien would the signal even be intact or mistaken as universe noise, what are the odds the aliens even use a similar form of communication that renders it legible to them?
  9. coalminer

    Eggs. How much consumed is considered bad then?

    cock one rah, eat will die dont eat also will die, the moment first breath is drawn already start to die, so just eat in moderation.
  10. rather stay juslum than anywhere north. subject to the mercy of bolehsians, atleast here SAF fly chiu complain they exercise cut.
  11. coalminer

    i rather buy gold then to buy all these shoe

    for wearing, collectors sneakers are absolutely useless, rather buy a good pair of goodyear welted shoes. is just marketing hype and trend to drive sales by targeting all the sheeps. invite one or 2 actors come wayang wayang all go queue long long to buy, stupid. and if poh wrong pair can give to salvation army, no value, even BNIB foam glue shoes will degrade and open mouth
  12. agree, alot of recalcitrant offenders, they got money to pay the fines, even if ban they try to fight or find scapegoats to take the blame for them.
  13. nah poor education and lack of morals, old entitled vs young entitled = disaster waiting to happen. 24 demerit points still got so many racers on the road, papa got money buy new car for them chiu think they care?
  14. tinfoil hat on, just nice they launching their push for direct competitor to this airframe size and suddenly all teh third world but brand new planes falling out of the sky
  15. coalminer

    if study become surveyor can find jod?

    ship survey must have yard experience though, classification surveys need structural and mechanical experience to determine whether vessel up to standards or not. training provided cause start from all the way bottom at junior level and shadow more senior surveyor, but without 5 - 10years relevant experience they wont even consider. those MPA port survey abit different, but that track also quite difficult to get in. Normally reserved for MPA scholars, and the requirement also minimum relevant studies, not very worth to cross track cause pay also not say damn good. Ship management good paying if get into right company, but many of the small cos around also like sai, and must be buddy buddy with the boss to get in. then again the requirements is COC certs or seafaring experience.