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  1. also no diver wor, moi just mop engine room floor onri, too fat dive down no come back up
  2. coalminer

    Air taxis to be tested in Singapore skies mid-2019

    crazy, go Australia or US where got alot of landspace for emergency or crash landing rah, our airspace already crammed until cannot fly kite and drones at places still want bring this in. Later fly into people pigeon hole how? insurance gotch cover or not?
  3. no reh moi was navy man, chiu want hire me?
  4. Thanks, moi ish BG rank armchair general riao~~
  5. Missiles got big launch/radar signatures and can be intercepted inflight more easily especially subsonic cruise missiles. Gun based arty is way cheaper, easier to mass fire, capable of delivering simultaneous rounds on target and more applicable to tactical use compared to strategic weapons. While theoretically possible to intercept with say Iron dome, CIWS, the angle they come in and smaller projectile with no need to carry fuel means smaller window of interception. Also combat with near peer adversary would mean way different usage for both systems, arty used for support of the ground troops and counter battery while missiles are generally employed to hit "high value" targets. Anyway this is more of a program to upgrade existing capabilities. Ground based arty is one of the weakest areas in the US military due to high reliance on air supremacy and close air support. Many existing 155mm systems are already 52cal (barrel length = 52x155mm) longer barrels tend to give better accuracy, longer range. Its just to counter Russian doctrines that has historically always relied on firepower superiority.
  6. dress for the slide, not the ride. ATGATT
  7. Expected living =/= working age what. knn I can live until 100 then means I should work until 95? retire lie in bed 5 years then uplorry? all these methods to justify raising CPF min sum is pure bullshiat. If I save and plan well why cant I retire at 55 and enjoy my pension+w/e investments and live out my days? at most move to a cheaper place to live only what.
  8. Pigs ish one of the few closer matching DNA with humans along with rats and easy to procure if im not mistaken, thats why alot of testing done on pigs and rats instead of monkey species.
  9. chiu think all those kangaroos will make this case so easy meh, clean ceiling can alr talk donkey years this case consperm pruss chop will do some dirty tricks huan
  10. all these study in atas places wayang only knn. so noisy so many people walk here and there study sai? moi stay at home or go library even better.
  11. another case of massaging numbers to see what they like to see? redistribute all the cost so its not tax and use arbitrary terms to define costs until swee swee?
  12. chiu think the whole gradeless examless garbage is any better meh... only further goes to enhance the elitism. you leelated consperm go best school regardless of grades since got no grades to show anyway, and makes their paper scholars seem much better than all the rest of the peasants.
  13. moi dont even think they are really trained to handle traffic, just go around catch offence only. even those cisco/aetos ones do better than the LTA small 2b bikes during traffic/event management. You see the way they hit the highway and start speeding, most of them come here to take these jobs dont even care. song song got free motor to ride and earn SGD to send back to lapeland who dont want to do.
  14. maid use employer address to borrow money and run road is not their taiji also, not covered by any law or insurance.
  15. nowadays many abnn land one, saw a huge group at BBDC taking defensive riding course and they mentioned they are from LTA