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  1. Orico is a good brand all those expensive USB Hubs OEM from them.
  2. 100M max and it is not linear but wave
  3. Don't buy not recommended after intense testing.
  4. Verdict not so good after a while speed will drop
  5. Processor not worth getting from TB unless you are buying tray version xeon. And motherboard is those Maxsun, Color Motherboard not as advance and feature rich as Asrock ,ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte ones, they are still catching up.
  6. Still testing writing 1TB of Data not so fast.
  7. I just remembered 1TB for $120 I think in SG you buy HDD also more expensive LOL. Nevermind I just check current pricing around $70 for 1TB HDD
  8. SMI Controller and Toshiba NAND, Photo is not well taken but you can roughly make out the Logo and wording
  9. Already linked, btw it is the cheapest 1TB SSD on TB, it was a 12/12 gamble purchase but I dismantled and tested it, is legit. I don't think you can find 100+ SGD 1TB SSD anywhere else.
  10. If you actually know tech you will know SSD Controllers don't implement TCP/IP Stack. Not that I want to say people really a lot of people quite stupid no brains to understand how things work and believe Western Propaganda without thinking. Moreover SG is US puppet you have more to fear from USA stuff.
  11. Bought 1TB SSD for my Bro Cost $500+ RMB SMI Controller and Toshiba NAND Flash
  12. Who ask you to goondu buy Broadcom chipset? I am using Qualcomm Atheros MIPS on Openwrt with Network Accelerator.
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