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  1. nanoometre

    The Financial Benefits of Being Single in Singapore

    Oic. Yes sex is impt in a marriage. It is definitely impt to discuss but i no sexpert.
  2. nanoometre

    The Financial Benefits of Being Single in Singapore

    Ok how many porn stars are happily married or stayed married to the same partner? Also is sex = love? cos if one works on a different parameter, there are bound to be differences.
  3. nanoometre

    The Financial Benefits of Being Single in Singapore

    IMHO, Singaporeans are practical people and I think it is important to have 1. love - must have the attraction, care, trust and mutual respect and this takes time (meeting and falling in love is just a beginning cos if you fall into love easily, you also fall out of love easily) 2. compatibility - need to be able to work together and have same values; if you are constantly squabbling, things will not get better when you get married. That is why time spent doing things together is important. 3. an idea of what you want together - children/cats/dogs, finances - how to share, housing, in-laws or out-laws, ambitions, life goals [all these take time - not just asking your potential partner to fill up a questionaire] this is just my 2 cents..there are many experts out there
  4. With advances in medical science, hitting 70 is a big possibility unless one gets cancer, heart attack or diabetes. All these ailments can be taken care with proper monitoring and a healthy lifestyle. So enjoy your life and always have some spare change available. If one goes before the spare change is used up, the extra can be donated to loved ones or to the favourite charities.
  5. But if you multiply 4.416 kWh x 365, you get 1628 kWh which is much higher than 670 kWh advertised. Everytime you open the fridge door, the thermostat kicks in, enabling the motor and consuming more energy.
  6. This is found inside my fridge. Hope I get this right : Power = Voltage x current = 230 x 0.8 = 184 watts = 0.184 kW Use fridge for 1 day = Power x time = 0.184 kW x 24 h = 4.416kWh cost of 1 kWh = $0.2365 cost of 4.416 kWh = $1.04 so 1 day you pay about $1 for electricity if you get a 400l fridge
  7. This is mine Estimated 670 kWh in one year but of course the actual consumption is higher cos i open and close it many times in 1 day.
  8. The higher the capacity, also the greater the consumption.
  9. You need to look at the fine print at the back of the appliances. How many watts it uses. The higher the wattage, the greater the consumption. Also the usage of the appliance affects the consumption. The more times you open the appliance, the more the moptor has to work to keep the cold temperature constant, hence the greater the consumption.
  10. It is true that money is never enough. How do you ensure that by the time you decide to retire, you will have set aside a certain sum of money to tide you out till your cpf pays out?
  11. I can safely say that before you know it, you will hit 55. Time really flies.
  12. @The_King When you retire at 40, you will have another 45 years of pcwing and relaxing before you finally call it a day!
  13. nanoometre

    The Financial Benefits of Being Single in Singapore

    Seriously one should never get married becos he is lonely. There are many lonely people who are also married and still lonely. If you meet the one you think is a potential spouse, do take time to know that person. Only time spent together will help you decide. And time is not just spent on planned outings. Cos you are gonna spend your whole lifetime together, best you know what you are getting into.
  14. I eat canned tuna too. It goes very well with meiji biscuits. You can add a bit of dressing and some chilli.