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  1. sweet sour pork with green peas, potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, pineapple with hot sauce, just before eating and some roast pork
  2. nanoometre

    if vote opposition, SGD sure crash like Turkish Lira

    Just to give you an idea of the lira drop: 1 pomegranate drink = 5 lira is about S$1.75 (in dec 2017) now cost about S$1.05. Price of the juice ranges from 5 lira to 15 lira depending on location (edit) 1 macdonald meal is about 19 lira = $6.65 (in dec 2017) now cost about $4 My hotel room, then cost about S$70 - S$80 for a 2* stay now will be cheaper, hopefully.
  3. nanoometre

    if vote opposition, SGD sure crash like Turkish Lira

    I went there last dec. Exactly one year after the attack at the the airport. Security was tight and there were lots of plain clothes as well as soldiers carrying sub machine guns. But out of the airport area, it was calm and no disturbance. In fact I was there when trump made the annouincement about moving their embassy to Jeruselam and there were a lot of noise but little disturbance. Hotels were cheap and nice. They welcome your tourist dollar.
  4. nanoometre

    if vote opposition, SGD sure crash like Turkish Lira

    Now is a good time to visit turkey, the exchange rate is in your favour. Hotels. food and things will be definitely cheaper. For those who intend to go, change in Istanbul, rather then in Singapore ie Raffles Place or Mustafa. You get good rates in the town centre!
  5. pineapple rice with peppered beef roast sea bass rojak for desert
  6. Don't disappear leh...
  7. nanoometre

    My DVBT2 Receiver

    Only for those who watch Channel 5, 8, CNA, Suria and Okto. If your TV is ready to receive digital signals, your TV will have this sticker : You will only need to buy a digital antenna (less than $10). Note: Pasting a sticker (like above) on your TV will not make your TV digital ready. This is SIC for those who are using the older TVS without the digital receivers. Your TV should have the HDMI input or at most the AV input. I have bought 2 such receivers from different sources (ebay and lazada) so far and they worked well without any problems. I connect them to my HDMI monitors and able to watch Spore channels anytime by switching the ports. Cost of receiver is around $23 upwards (Qoo10 has offer at $22.90 today). Connect the HDMI cable from the DVBT2 receiver to the HDMI input of your TV. The HDMI output is the 3rd slot from the left. You will need an antenna to get the signals. You can use your home wall antenna and it should work. If not buy a small digital antennae (less than $10) and connect. In fact I did not buy the antenna but used part of an antenna cable and connect it to the DVT2B and it acts as the antenna and was able to receive signals (also depends on your location). Power on your DVT2B and switch your TV to HDMI source. Then go to DVT2B's Menu and search for your channels. Very simple to setup. Antennas that can be used : this antenna is meant for DVB-T but works well too and cheap (<$5) Free $100 voucher If you are a Singaporean living in a HDB household and do not subscribe to a pay TV service, you qualify for IMDA's DTV Starter Kit. Notification letters will be sent out progressively from 20 April 2018. Stand a chance to win attractive prizes! Buy or redeem digital TV equipment from 6 April till 31 August 2018 to enter the lucky draw. 55-inch TVs and other great prizes are up for grabs. Enter to win these great prizes If you purchase or redeem digital TV equipment between 6 April and 31 August 2018, you stand to win attractive prizes in our lucky draw. Are you eligible? You purchased your equipment from a registered store in Singapore or redeemed your DTV Starter Kit from any participating retail store*. Your purchase or redemption includes a minimum of one UHF active antenna. Only Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can take part in the lucky draw. Note: If you redeemed your DTV Starter Kit online, over the phone or via self-collection and opted in to the lucky draw, you have already been automatically entered into the draw. *Participating retail stores are Best Denki, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman and M1.
  8. 我好喜欢您的家做食谱。谢谢你。:)