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  1. Good for you Beedio!
  2. nanoometre

    Excellent old-school YONG TAU FOO in Singapore!

    Actually buy $5 mackerel meat from market and mash it up, mix with a bit water, salt and pepper and make into nice soft paste. Then buy brinjal, cut into slices with slit in between and insert paste. Or insert paste into bittergourd or ladies fingers or tofu etc. Cheap and feeds at least 4.
  3. Company never ensure area is clear.
  4. Theatre got projector operator. Bus got driver. You are not alone.
  5. nanoometre

    Is living in HK worse than living in China?

    Every place has its pros and cons. The best is to find a place with more pros than cons.
  6. nanoometre

    queue for atm also can quarrel, heng moi stay home

    That man needs help. cf
  7. nanoometre

    Singapore's 'freegans' find treasure in trash

    I miss the old Sungei Road. Whenever I have computer parts that are still working but too good to throw away, I will give them to the vendors at the area. Better than being used as landfill or get burnt away.
  8. nanoometre

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  9. nanoometre

    How to find your soulmate?

    Join Singapore Science star gazingclub. There is someone out there waiting for you.
  10. Just took SQ to HK. Nice stewardess and male stewards to take of me even though i pay enonomy fare.
  11. nanoometre

    What is your happiest childhood memory?

    Sitting by the stream (drain) by my old kampung house catching small guppies.
  12. nanoometre

    Former Brazil legend, Ronaldinho in financial woes

    They earn more so spend more. Then spending continues..exceeding income.
  13. nanoometre

    Should i go to uni?

    Look for a course that you like. Always good to have a degree standby when applying for a job. Study now while you can.