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  1. Actually quite similar determination to moi cooking dinner on weekdays, EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  2. Watched riaos, and still running this season, later he asked the home cooks to try it blindfolded as well wif medics standby besides them...LOL...
  3. Peepur said she stubborn die die wan to use the escalator under maintenance...sounds rike a daft sinkie auntie.
  4. Yup chiu are right, if he's a biker he will rook rike thish...
  5. Haven watch spiderman far from home yet, so is he leading the new avengers?
  6. Moi saw the female lead rike some sinkie girl married off to AMDK in US....
  7. Becos it's halah....tats why see pinoy and malayu all bui bui huan....
  8. TBH there are many blind spots between PMDs and pedestrians, think put mirrors and signage also no use, too many...
  9. No worries, he will collect back those everywhere and use them as ingredients next day, no wastage.
  10. Moi use cotton buds to dry them, not to dig them.
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