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  1. Used once only just to test, letting it go because realised cannot fit onto my Mi Max.
  2. "To make it easier to find quality news, a Top News shelf prominently highlights videos from credible news sources in search results. If a viewer searches for a particular news topic on YouTube, they will see a Top News shelf near the top of the results, featuring relevant videos from trusted sources." - 154?
  3. Zhunbo? Rook rike moi auto-enhance photo reh...
  4. The future is not about bezels in-between monitors and still wearing headphones where you can put surround sound system.

    5G is coming

    Oppo fones sexpensive reh...
  6. Thish thread is chiminology siol....hope moi windows can last a few moar yrs... Btw, can install linux into super old celeron mini pc running win xp?
  7. So tiongs will disassemble and eat them ma? Anyway, here's moar testing from UT
  8. But Nokia 7 Plus battery much bigger than Mi A2
  9. Time to get SD660 smartphones as price dropping...moi dun need A.I.
  10. But moi cunt tink of ani dessert name for letter "Q"
  11. This could be the end of Android, next up Google Fuchsia OS...
  12. Lenovo phone flash to MIUI 10? Cool...
  13. That someone will be the experts at the xda developer forums soon to come I guess...
  14. Recently flash my xiaomi using EDL fastboot method, no need xiaomi account to unlock bootloader, maybe huawei also can use this method?
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