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  1. Must use hand to eat?
  2. What is the nutrition purpose of it?

    Fake milk powder

    Using bare hands?
  4. He probably meant the path from Major to General is jiak liao bee...kua charbo and email nia...
  5. Marvel Studios wants Spiderman (& the actor) to grow and mature together with the fans to become a new leader for the Avengers? Just like Harry Potter, from young to handsome man?

    Being a father..

    Don't go TMC....last time was good, now all the board of directors changed to blood suckers.

    Avengers Assemble

    Shld be all the BTSS assembled!
  8. Aiyah, no need rebuild lah, just move to New Asgard, lotsof beer there...
  9. A software fix can never be 100% fixed, same goes to smartphones.
  10. So rush to open? Sexpect surprising "water feature"...
  11. So did they enjoy until panties wet?
  12. Moi downroaded, on my pc nao but haven watch, still deciding. But moi watched the hawkeye family gone part, the sound very clear, bass also acceptable, compared to capt marvel hdcam version this one much better quality, watchable leh.
  13. So download HDCAM at xpau.se watch first or go cinema watch first?
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