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  1. Char beehon wif lj meat and sunni side rup...
  2. Dun complain fly kiss rah...better than fly kick mah..
  3. I ate the same old shit at the same old canteen in the same old building near the same old road...
  4. Kiao kar arm chio song song gao zoolong
  5. Wear something ç ´ç ´çƒ‚çƒ‚
  6. They chose the wrong time to service.
  7. 天气虽凉, 但是凄凉的凉。。。
  8. Now watching 刀下留人...the only watchable 1.
  9. Chiu definitely not an IB...
  10. I know last time during the 80s sgrean bus driver very down to earth. And their children very guai and study universities huan...
  11. Imgur abit log-in problem, photobucket a bit conflict between app and browser but im using photobucket
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