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  1. DingDongSaint

    41 zeh zeh murdered in woodslums. 34 didi arrested.

    waolao ehz the title is click bait sia haha
  2. DingDongSaint

    20 Years of ONE PIECE

    Not exactly recommending but last year I managed to catch up with a number of anime: Hunter x Hunter (really good too bad no more liao) Code Geass (2 season... one of the best anime for me) Overlord (All 3 season) FairyTail (Those on netflix, the rest have not catch up) Quanzhi Fashi (S1 still ok but S2 is really bad... not keen on S3) Mob Psycho 100 (surprisingly good) Inuyashiki (I like this one alot too very emotional) and more ... Recently one I catching Slime, SAO 3, Goblin Slayer, Rising of The Shield Hero.... Haha chopper always a favorite. My fav is Zoro, Sanji, Robin & Boa
  3. DingDongSaint

    20 Years of ONE PIECE

    oh Juni Taisen I bookmark on Netflix liao but haven start haha the rest all complete liao also waiting for new seasons...
  4. did u also fantasize saving her from her father and then she let u piak for free..... The mother see liao also jealous then seduce you to piak for free?
  5. DingDongSaint

    20 Years of ONE PIECE

    What are u watching nowadays?
  6. DingDongSaint

    20 Years of ONE PIECE

    long time no catch up liao ..i think i stop in the middle of the Domingo arc
  7. only need to squat 2 years lol come out still can get fresh one somemore
  8. DingDongSaint

    twmm divorce sinkie hubby, so sad

    read through the whole thing, she is trying her best to be strong but deep inside she is really struggling hubby borrow money in the name of her biz, her dad also ask for money to invest(previously dump all his $$ on his prc ex-wife) Seriously cannot imagine if I m in her position, dealing with all these mental stress of $$$
  9. DingDongSaint

    Why do Singapore women have that black black face?

    different perspective on life I guess... less competition in SG cos population so low, go overseas chio bu is a dime a dozen
  10. DingDongSaint

    vivian hsu tio backstab, flip face!

    Never hurt anyone in my life, yet why do you hurt me silently... I am not acquainted with you who is terrible and detestable! If there is a GOD, karma will piak you! YOU WAIT!
  11. DingDongSaint

    [Netflix Review] Bird Box

    concept quite nice thou, make me understand that we are taking our sight for granted.
  12. ya agree jin loser move lidat, proves that she made the right choice
  13. people like charlotte shouldn't even be in this biz
  14. waoalo ehz that mountain of trash .... this is more like a case of laziness ler and that person can really tahan siaz ...
  15. looking forward to this! and marvel, no more trailers pls...