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  1. DingDongSaint

    Bui bui girl bully a older lady

    what is this man .... abused by buibui girl...
  2. heng i am asleep at that time, if still gaming sure will kpkb one those fapping halfway thou ....
  3. DingDongSaint

    Satki E-scooter

    anything yolo is cool
  4. should pump more into cybersecurity man .... lots of war will take place in the cyberspace from here onwards
  5. DingDongSaint

    edmw.life jodless club

    waolao lidat win liao lor
  6. DingDongSaint

    lucky guy so many atb for him

    got money many many honey
  7. waolao really jskm! it's like they can compress and decompress
  8. DingDongSaint

    Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

    yalar i also agree much of it are excessive .... but becos we are so used to being male dominant and when our female counterpart tries something, its being scrutinised. We don't feel it much in SG but I believe in the western countries, most of the female are being treated unfairly(even the wages in hollywood)
  9. DingDongSaint

    people park drama

    maybe chemical got into her eyes?
  10. DingDongSaint

    Captain Marvel - Official Trailer

    Ms Marvel has been an essential part in Marvel comic so very long liao .... nothing wrong to have a few female-led superhero movies release also.. althou I would prefer Scarlett witch movie cos Liz Olsen
  11. DingDongSaint

    E-betting slip app lets punters save paper, track expenses

    on the right track to save paper
  12. DingDongSaint

    Why Do We Greet Each Other By Asking, “Have You Eaten?”

    a hungry person is an angry person ... so make sure they are fed before interacting
  13. DingDongSaint

    Netflix announces cast for new mini-series

    hope they add more jdorama to sg catalogue instead