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  1. siao lang on the loose.... waiting for tragedy to happen nia
  2. wah if the tube is got lots of bacteria then sure up lorry
  3. don't bring all these bad culture here pls
  4. very very good punishment, hope can drastically reduced the crime rate ... these kids really poor thing..
  5. really poor design siaz
  6. this type really cb road hazard!
  7. i believe its quite common even in the olden days but becos no cctv so lower chances to get expose
  8. the more opposition Singapore has, the more PAP arm-chio many many.
  9. at least they achieve half of what they intended. if sinkies sure say waste time lar
  10. knn go out play still talking about china pride
  11. got money want to hire who to do guest appearance also can haha
  12. he tio stun like vegetable but why suddenly blurt in ang mo ah? 'whats your problem' ....
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