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  1. huawei also said that android apps are compatible with their OS wor
  2. really kok sia .... if lighter drop then should have turn off first still let it boil asking for trouble
  3. cos many are daft? china has been enjoying loads of advantageous trade not to mention blatantly copying products from other countries. Now apply some pressure nia kpkb liao as if the whole world owes them. If china chooses to make things difficult for foreign companies in their own country then they should have a taste of it when china company trades internationally!
  4. best is they come up with their own os and store then only the PRC use can liao
  5. haha the girl very hiong like jin enjoy fighting lidat
  6. welcome welcome!
  7. the messages so intimate confirm already have a few cannon rounds before liao lar!
  8. i also saw live seafood one ...