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  1. DingDongSaint

    yishun blk 666 jumbo 600k got change?

    its reallt big but I felt that the ceiling quite low sia and the way the furniture is placed, makes the layout feels cramped rather than spacious
  2. but naked wor ...can prove not transformer tio bo? or nowadays surgical skill so godly until cannot differentiate
  3. psychological strategy, let your enemy underestimate you or sympathize you then they will not chut 100% power thus giving you an edge
  4. they not bored meh always this type of genre ... alot of female audience(young & old) are really suckers for these lol
  5. DingDongSaint

    Spize Food Poisoning Fadli Salleh uplorry

    jin poor thing ... and jin scary ...can happen to anyone of us if suay ...
  6. totally agree on this! they ruin the victim's life ... jin traumatizing for the kids.... tmd
  7. totally different league lar ... sadly sg higherups almost all is paper generals ...
  8. DingDongSaint

    Cabinet scraps death sentence for 33 offences

    gxgx more crime coming for them ... maybe also preparing for that chicken so he don't get death penalty for the Altantuyaa case
  9. wah good good ... althou I have lazada Liveup subs ... sometimes go collection also good cos not always at home.
  10. really talk cok ler.... she can always choose to donate/give away her excess money if she wants to led a 'normal life'....
  11. DingDongSaint

    black friday sales 2018

    actually every now and then(within the month) they have 9.99USD course .... black friday doesn't seem much that much different?
  12. if chibaboom will cause a hole in china ornot? if something lidat can be made and maintained I guess exploring into the sun is just a matter of time...
  13. wah the doctor 86years old still not retired ah?
  14. DingDongSaint

    mbs loser kill ex gf after being dump

    jin jiak lat ler still need to teach haha