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  1. DingDongSaint

    [Movie Review] Captain Marvel

    same same I waiting for the plat promo for avengers! Btw nowadays the cathay(the non plat) seems to have changed the seats quality, used to be better leh now sit liao not as comfortable as it used to be. tot the the skrull's science guy make some tweak to it?
  2. DingDongSaint

    Sexy Korean Zeh Zeh wear like this take video KYM

    jin jiak fapz fapz fapz!
  3. ruin so many hardworking families..... heng face cmi
  4. DingDongSaint

    死鬼仔! 败家子!

    阿公 你的钱从哪里来的?老了还是富了 都忘了是阿Seng我每年每月交给你的嘞!
  5. never liked her when she debut ...dun really knew why .... wah today see this then confirm I really don't like her haha her mum ish a scum
  6. DingDongSaint

    Boeing grounded its entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft

    all these automated system are so dangerous, we simply cannot just fully rely on it.
  7. DingDongSaint

    Plumber charges $230,000 for blocked toilet

    AUD bah since it happened in Melbourne... This guy is a scum... those victim should have asked for a 2nd opinion if it escalated to a few k... more than 10k ish jin kua zhang liao ler... 200k waolao...
  8. DingDongSaint

    Thai durian trader offers S$425k to man who wins daughter's heart

    jskm! can get free labour all the time.
  9. DingDongSaint

    Miss China International 2019

    based on parade I add in Stephanie(4) & Kitty(10)
  10. DingDongSaint

    Tish ex TVB milf sing song kym?

    still looking fap!
  11. DingDongSaint

    27yo aunty teacher and 13yo xdd: a harrisy's dream cum true for this xdd

    the 13yo living the fantasy jskm!
  12. DingDongSaint

    Miss China International 2019

    based on photos i upz Gina(13) & Alice(19)
  13. DingDongSaint

    Their GF jelly of female begger/ car washer

    haha nice and fun but look staged ler