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Everything posted by DingDongSaint

  1. DingDongSaint

    bolehsia lift robbery

    really jin scumbag
  2. DingDongSaint

    Chinese movie breaks record: $405 mil in 1 week

    machiam like the japanese during the world war 2 era
  3. DingDongSaint

    is felicia chin ok?

    prerequisite for applying green card?
  4. i would fare badly so she can do 1-on-1 private tutoring for me
  5. DingDongSaint

    How to Stop a fight in 3 sec

    old ginger jiu shi old ginger ... one hand out can stop fight liao
  6. DingDongSaint

    Pattern more than badminton

    really jiak ba jin eng
  7. DingDongSaint

    Cedar girl leak wor

    thanks for the sic!
  8. DingDongSaint

    [GPGT] 雞排妹 wishes you Happy Lunar New Year

    sure got piak piak after photo shoot one lar or even in the middle of it
  9. DingDongSaint

    girl found beheaded, some organs missing

    really damn sick siaz .... really poor thing ...
  10. DingDongSaint

    Poor go jek driver

    izzit becos i m chineseeee?
  11. DingDongSaint

    Animation demonstrating different types of orthodontic treatment

    thanks! very educational
  12. DingDongSaint

    Long Live Kangkong

    马来风光 ish jin yummy!
  13. DingDongSaint

    Pedestrian saved by this black car who T-bone the taxi

    pedestrian lucky sia.... really cross the road must see even if it's green man.
  14. wah I also really like the char siew and da bao from TKP ...sad siaz
  15. DingDongSaint

    CPF contribution rate for workers above 55 should be raised

    really want everyone to work til death meh lol
  16. DingDongSaint

    heng, baby is ok

    really lucky siaz
  17. DingDongSaint

    Samsung: Time for folding smartphones

    always felt bi-fold abit weird .... tri-fold should be the way ....
  18. DingDongSaint

    Ex-UOB RM conned illiterate man of more than $200k

    wah look like dat also can have small3 to feed him siaz
  19. a few more years the daughter still can bath in front of dad meh?
  20. DingDongSaint

    This girl Kym?

    GND feel not bad
  21. china & it's netizen everything also want lumber one lar....anyway I don't know what's so 'racist' about the ads thou...
  22. DingDongSaint

    Taiwan's Shilin Night Market coming to Singapore in April

    isnt it just pasar malam?
  23. DingDongSaint

    Actor Aloysius Pang's condition worsens; now in ICU: MINDEF

    wah really quite jialat siaz ... hope he can recover from it.