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  1. later if he knows that it belongs to a 60+ aunty dunno the kuku jiao will shrink ornot
  2. like Andy Warhol said... Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.
  3. tiagong this one very good review ... I bookmark to watch later ....too many show too little time.
  4. haha waolao that kind of trajectory is so far fetched
  5. wah i see the interviewer .... i cannot go on siaz .....
  6. DingDongSaint

    Breaking bad

    yeah this show is definitely one of the few great
  7. asianboss channel got alot of interesing topic interviews
  8. proud of their achievement... hope can pass all phase and get it into the market! oh wait ...only the rich can afford maybe
  9. really jskm ....qin cai qin cai can donate almost half a mil (MYR) haha
  10. ancient wisdom .... I guess it's upbringing in environment and drive .... 1st gen fought hard against the odd, 2nd gen got pamper with all the education/lifestyle so no drive ...third even worst ...
  11. watch too much games of throne siboh haha
  12. should archive these into a blacklist that hotel over the world can use
  13. looks like she tio stunned haha
  14. since the extradition bill is dead ... so now the protesters escalate it to protesting about the govt?
  15. the gist of it is .....older ex-champion(late 20s i think) was replaced by another younger talent ....so he quit the team and make a comeback as a solo and gradually his own team.
  16. the anime jin ho kuah ...have a feeling the drama will butcher it
  17. really out of control ... alot of black sheep among the protesters
  18. keep showing off her pigu waiting to be piak after grocery shopping
  19. everything in moderation bah ... if not everything also cannot jiak liao
  20. this one belongs to the one low priority watchlist
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