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  1. All are taken during 11am to 6pm and on peak days Quiet Commercial area series Area 1 Some Interesting pictures from Quiet Commercial area series
  2. Jial tao huey after cumming here Atbpgdjhj! @absoluthell @Joao can use gps to guess where? Wahaha
  3. Being awhile +1s San Miguel Butties satki buibui vi0let
  4. Yesh it is the time of the year and yesh I'm old liao. So if I betray cousins, they would be too old for you all xdds. Sho now change to betray niece +1sss So unless someone take over from me next time, I will just keep as niece +1s cookies c0usin ? many d0ges
  5. My $15 RAM for AMD Works ok like a normal 4GB DDR3 RAM for AMD Sry moi not Camwhore take picture forgot to focus
  6. A good time to eat oysters!!! 2 plates! yummy
  7. Heng ah Appleyum can sleep well every night ~ They still dare to mail us to reconsider giving them free money to fund their luxury holiday, fine dining, AP watch and continental car. :s13::s13::s13: The odds are forever in favor to insurance vermins rather then you or how they earn so much money to fund the agent's luxury lifestyle, fine dining, AP watch, continental car, Porsche lucky draw prize. Even Tan ex CEO of NTUC insurance also admit low payout for those normal insurance plan and majority of the premium you paid are use to fund their overheads etc. However people still buy insurance out of fear and buy a 万一. But they also fail to realize they are tons of exclusion clauses design to reduce or lower your payout.
  8. Another one dish meal for all! 1. You need to have the sambal first or you can buy it off the shelf. 2. Sambal for 500g stingray : 10-12 red chilli, 4-5 dried chilli(soaked), marble size blue ginger, 2 stalks lemon grass, a small piece of yellow ginger or tumeric, 10 shallots, stamp size belacan, a small piece normal ginger. 3. Blend all together and fry till the mixture is fragrant and the red oil comes out. Use medium heat. 4. Add some tamarind juice or assam to the mixture and stir. 5. Add a bit gula melaka to the mixture. Fry all together until you get a nice mushy mixture. 6. For the stingray, make sure it is not too thick. 3-5 cm is just nice. you can sprinkle some salt and pepper over it. 7. You can put a banana leaf over a non stick pan and cook the stingray over it. But you need to scald the banana leaf first. 8. You can also use the oven. I use the broiler and let the heat cook one side of the sting ray for about 10 minutes before turning over. Cook for another 10 minutes and then put the sambal over the sting ray and let it cook for another 5 minutes. I sprinkle some freshly cut onions or shallots over the stingray. 9. When the sting ray is cooked, squeeze some lime over it. 10. When you use your chopstick to take out the flesh, you can see the juices oozing out! Enjoy.
  9. No I am not pregnant, neither is the wife. But once in a while, the black vinegar pigs trotters will beckon me.... So here to share with you (my fastest way, no frills)... 1. This is best cooked the night before. Buy a packet from Shing Shiong or market only $5.28 for 4 big chunks of meat! 2. Hard boil 4 - 6 eggs 3. Boil water in a pot to blanch the pork knuckles (5 min or so) 4. Once done, discard the water 5. In the same pot now, pour about 3 tablespoons of sesame oil or less (agak agak) 6. Fry about 12 cm of ginger (cut into 3 -4 small pieces) in the oil over low heat. Add in about two tablespoons of brown sugar. For more flavours use old and new ginger. Use low heat as sesame oil evaporates fast. 7. 8. After 5- 10 min, there is a nice fragrant smell coming out, add the pork knuckles and fry in the oil. 9. After 10 min, add between half bottle to 3/4 bottle of black vinegar (brand to me doesn't matter) and let the vinegar slowly cook the knuckles. Add in the hard boiled eggs 10. I leave this dish in my thermal pot overnight. In morning I heat up again before going work. 11. In evening, heat up one more time. Ta-da! enjoy!!!
  10. A quick way of cooking within half hour! 1. Remove the heads from about 20 big prawns (about $7) 2. Fry some garlic first till fragrant, followed by the heads 3. When heads turn reddish, add soya sauce, fish sauce (about 2 tablespoons each) 4. In meantime, boil 4-5 cups of water and when water is boiling, put the prawns inside till they turn red 5. Remove the prawns from the pot and let them cool 4. Scoop the garlic and prawn heads and put into the same pot and let the heads simmer in the gravy 5. Blanch some bee hoon (half of 1 packet $1.20) in a pot till it is soft. 6. Fry together with yellow noodles ($0.95) 7. Add the gravy from the prawns till the noodles are nice and soft. 8. Add towgay (not too early) and the deshelled prawns 9. Fry with a little bit of belacan to add a nice flavour and colour to the noodles Add sotong and belacan to add more flavour to the noodles The plates of noodles look a bit soggy compared to that in the wok as I add more gravy from the pot....nice!
  11. This was posted sometime ago and was lost. So now reposting. 1. buy the buah keluak seeds from Tekka market @$0.30 per seed (edit..as of 2018, price has increased due to demand) 2. soak the seeds for at least 4 days, changing the water everyday to get rid of dirt and toxins or use the container shown below... 3. prepare the following ingredients to make Rempah 1. shallots (8-10) 2. tumeric (yellow ginger) 5-6 cm 3. Galangal (blue ginger) about 5- 6 cm square 4. 3 stalks of lemon grass (white portion below only) 5. normal ginger 4 cm 6. belacan (4 cm square) 7. 5-6 red chilli 8. 6-8 dried chilli 9. garlic 10. 3-4 candlenuts (buah keras) Use a blender and mix all together Then fry the mixture over a medium fire till fragrant Then add 11. assam water (tamarind juice) 12. salt and sugar to taste 13. soya sauce let the spices infuse together and let the gravy simmer Preparing the buah keluak fruit The fruit has a mouth like soft covering picture from 八月 | 2009 | 樂松園地 I use the sharp end of my chopper and carefully poke a hole through the mouth-like covering, prying out the bits of covering until the cured black flesh of the buah keluak can be seen. If cured properly (they bury the fruit under ash for some time), the flesh is nice and black. If got bad smell or colour is different, I will discard. Some people would dig out the flesh and mix it with minced pork. My family prefers it original, meaning, I put the whole fruit inside the gravy (with the opening removed) and let the gravy and the buah keluak flesh mix. Overnight - the dish tastes wonderful cooked fruit colour is reddish brown after cooking and will turn darker the following day due to the buah keluak fruit try this...so shiok!!!
  12. First creation Emose Onigiri Second creation Almost-Seal Bear Third creation Seal Forth creation Doggo Fifth creation after so nong~ kitty n doggo Sixth creation cate cate
  13. How cum Makcik can only show face at those non-important event like charity, shop opening shake hand smile event ? Important event like Trump Kim Summit she hiding in the kitchen cooking curry ?
  14. Australia’s Miss Universe 2018 winner has been revealed Australia’s Miss Universe 2018 winner is Francesca Hung AFTER three years of being turned away from modelling agencies around Sydney, Chinese-Australian Francesca Hung has won the crown. UP AGAINST 31 other beautiful women, Chinese-Australian model Francesca Hung has taken the crown at the 2018 Miss Universe Australia competition. The 24-year-old, a sociology graduate from the University of Sydney, won the title at Thursday night’s ceremony at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. Ms Hung, whose father is Chinese and mother is Irish/Australian, recently completed an undergraduate degree in arts and sociology and is now studying a masters in publishing at the University of Sydney. “I grew up in an Anglo-Saxon area, and I felt like the odd one out because of my heritage. I was embarrassed and struggled to accept it. “I hope this is an opportunity to show people if you look or feel different, you are a true representation of the Australian culture. What set me apart was my cultural background, and a bit different for [the] Miss Universe competition.” [MEDIA=instagram]Bjja5Xrlr_g[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=instagram]BXCAqH_lv1Y[/MEDIA]
  15. Rose Ma 馬馬 ローズ (@roserosemama) • Instagram photos and videos Rose Ma ローズ (@iamrosema) | Twitter 馬馬 Rose Ma Rose Ma 馬俊怡 - 維基百科,自由嘅百科全書
  16. Koreans Think The “2018 Miss Korea” MC Is Prettier Than All The Contestants “Why host when you can win?” It’s official; Girl’s Day‘s Yura will be hosting the 2018 Miss Korea pageant coming up in July 2018. “I used to look up to the Miss Korea women when I was young. It’s an honor for me to be hosting the show and I look forward to seeing Korea’s most beautiful women together on stage.” — Yura The preliminary rounds of 2018 Miss Korea have already selected out 32 semi-finalists, from which the live broadcast will have 15 finalists chosen by the judges and the viewers’ votes. The goal is to select one Miss Korea Jin (1st place), two Miss Korea Sun-s (2nd place), and four Miss Korea Mi-s (3rd place). This competition often opens doors for the winners to easily kickstart their careers in the entertainment industry. Here are some of the 2018 Miss Korea contestants to be presented by Yura! The thing is, when Yura was announced to be the show host, Koreans became concerned. Comment after comment praised Yura’s beauty, then suggested that she would end up the prettiest of them all. “No Miss Korea is going to be able to beat Yura. She has the face, the body, and the proportion!” “Why host when you can win? She’d definitely rank in the Top 7.” “Can the host win Miss Korea of the year too?” “What the… LOL. The host is way too pretty!” “Yura is going to beat them all.” According to the official evaluation standards, a Miss Korea is someone of absolute brilliance, with the looks and the brains. If a beautiful, smart, fit, and well-rounded young woman is what the contest is looking for, look no more — Yura is definitely all of those things and more.
  17. Fabrications About Singapore 22 hrs · Wa student smoking openly ah? which school is this ah? Credits: Nic Sohai #smoke #singapore #xiaodidi #student LikeShow More Reactions CommentShare Oldest
  18. After drinking Milo now it is time to inspect NDP goodie bag. Makcik get few million dollars salary to do all this bo liao things jin shiok sia ~
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