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Found 7 results

  1. Low budget french/english revenge movie with only 5 actors i believe. Female lead, Jen, is a mistress to this handsome dude. Dude brings her to his vacation home somewhere in the desert for some piaking and fun time. Dude is also meeting up with his french friends, A and B for some animal hunting. Story plot goes with A peeping at Jen and became horny and rape her. Dude tries to tell Jen sua sua but Jen refuses and runs off into the desert. Dude pushes off the cliff and the trio of men thot she died but she survive. Then from here on, she struggles with her injuries while trying to escape/hide from the trio. This is like mini Kill Bill with a younger, hotter actress. Some brief nudity from female and a lot of butt shots of the dude. Overall rating: 6.5/10
  2. A funny, lame yakuza anime on netflix. Only 10 episodes. 3 low level yakuzas screwed up an assignment and to avoid being killed by their boss, choose to go Thailand to have sex op and become girly idols in Akihabara. The 3 ruffians now no kkj and with nn have to perform as an idol group to earn money for the "family". Boss finds ways to milk them and rake in the cash. If you like silly anime where u dun need to think too much, then its suitable for u. Rating: 6.5/10
  3. Story is about a player who cheats women of sex and money gets his comeuppance when eventually some vengeful zz decide to take revenge. Pros Got nn and piak piak at 30, 38, 42min mark. NN is quite a handful and nice, zz quite daring First time see sg movie got show sex and nudity Got ba kut teh but dunno what it symbolises in the show Got chop kkj Cons Movie shot in low lighting, like everyday very dim and gloomy Story doesn't hold up, not very convincing Got chop kkj Rating: 5/10, lose bird box by a bit
  4. Movie is about some sort of monsters that drive humans into suicide epidemic if you EVER see them. Some humans will also try to hurt you instead if they're affected. Sandra Bullock is rescued alongside with some survivors in a home and they barricade themselves from outside so that they can't see the "monsters". Pros: good acting from a few of the veteran casts starting is interesting why humans see "something" and start going crazy the suspense and fear is believable in the first half Sandra Bullock Cons: you never get to see the monsters, where they come from or why they are doing this the second half is kinda shitty i feel the ending is ... Rating: 6/10, sometimes i feel sleepy watching it
  5. Its market value soared above $153 billion, overtaking Disney as the most valuable media company. Netflix (NFLX) shares were up Thursday even as Disney (DIS), Comcast (CMCSA) and the broader market fell. But Disney regained the crown by the close after Netflix shares pared their gains, taking the streaming company's market cap below $152 billion. Netflix is still in second place ahead of Comcast, which it passed Wednesday. The cable giant is now valued at about $145.5 billion. Netflix has added millions of subscribers around the globe for the past few years. The company's success demonstrates that its bet on original content -- shows like "Stranger Things," "Orange is the New Black, "The Crown" and "13 Reasons Why" -- has paid off. The company even announced a price hike for subscribers last year, but that hasn't slowed its growth. Disney plans to launch its own streaming network. But that hasn't hurt Netflix yet, despite the fact that Netflix airs many shows based on Disney-owned Marvel comic book characters. Competition from Hulu -- the streaming service backed by Disney, Fox and CNN parent company Time Warner -- hasn't really dented Netflix's growth either. Nor has Amazon (AMZN) Prime Video. Before this week, Netflix had already passed most traditional media companies, including Time Warner (TWX), Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox (FOXA), CBS (CBS) and Viacom (VIAB). Netflix is now getting closer to telecom and media giants AT&T and Verizon. Both companies are worth about $200 billion. The Justice Department has sued to block AT&T (T) from buying Time Warner. A federal judge is expected to rule on the case by June 12. Verizon (VZ) owns AOL and Yahoo. CNNMoney (New York) First published May 24, 2018: 11:31 AM ET
  6. Disney wants to own a bigger piece of the streaming pie. The company announced during its latest earnings report on Tuesday it intends to remove its movies from Netflix. Instead, Disney plans to launch a branded direct-to-consumer streaming service in 2019 starting in the U.S. and expanding globally. CEO Bob Iger told CNBC's Julia Boorstin Disney had a "good relationship" with Netflix, but decided to exercise an option to move its content off the platform. Movies to be removed include Disney as well as Pixar's titles, according to Iger. Netflix said Disney movies will be available through the end of 2018 on its platform. Marvel TV shows will remain. The new platform will be the home for all Disney movies going forward, starting with the 2019 theatrical slate which includes "Toy Story 4," "Frozen 2," and the upcoming live-action "The Lion King." It will also be making a "significant investment" in exclusive movies and television series for the new platform. The company will also launch its own ESPN video streaming service in early 2018. The platform, which will feature about 10,000 sporting events each year, will have content from the MLB, NHL, MLS, collegiate sports and tennis' Grand Slam events. To power the services, Disney is buying a majority ownership of BAM Tech for $1.58 billion. Disney bought a 33 percent stake in the company, which was spun off from digital media company MLB Advanced Media, in August 2016. Netflix stock dropped more than 5 percent upon announcement of the news.
  7. Marco Polo‘s voyages have ended: Netflix has cancelled the globe-spanning drama after two seasons. The Hollywood Reporter first reported the cancellation, which makes Polo the first Netflix original series not to reach a third season. Lorenzo Richelmy starred as the legendary merchant who travelled from Italy to China and eventually served in the court of the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong). Marco Polo debuted in 2014, and had a reported budget of $90 million for its first season, rivaling HBO’s Game of Thrones. But reviews were mixed, and a second season debuted this past summer to little fanfare. The combined budget for both seasons topped $200 million, according to THR, and the ultimate decision to axe the show was a mutual one between Netflix and producers The Weinstein Company. “We want to thank and are grateful to our partners on Marco Polo,” Netflix original content VP Cindy Holland said in a statement, “from the actors, whose performances were enthralling and top-notch; to the committed producers, including John Fusco, Dan Minahan, Patrick Macmanus, and their crew, who poured their hearts into the series; and of course Harvey, David and our friends at TWC, who were great collaborators from start to finish.”
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