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Been staring at if for five minutes!’ Optical illusion photo of a woman goes viral after leaving people BAFFLED over which part of her body it is showing

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An optical illusion of a woman has flummoxed the internet with many people being unable to work out what part of her body is photographed.

The bizarre image was first posted by @LilMaarty on Twitter, who noticed there was something off about a picture of a woman. 

'Why tf I thought this was her neck,' he wrote about the image on Saturday because it appeared to be the woman's neck photographed. But that wasn't the case. 











After staring intently at the image, it is revealed to actually actually be a woman with long, curly hair who is displaying her bare back for the photographer.

Once the first Twitter user posted the bizarre optical illusion, other people commented on it saying they also thought it was the woman's neck. 

'Been staring for five minutes and if its not a neck I'm stupid,' one person hilariously wrote. 

There were many online who had difficulty figuring out how it could possibly be the woman's back instead of her neck. 

One person commented: 'Literally stared at this for a min like "if this ain't a neck then what is IT?!'

The confusion only continued as more people reacted to the insane image and how strange it was to look at when first glancing.





Thought it was some girl with short a** (hair) that suffered from heat damage and has a long a** neck,' someone wrote. 'But instead it's a girl with long hair and has a perfectly shaped back.' 

Another person commented: 'It took me a min cause I was like dang she got a bob but then I realized it was her back.'  

Since the optical illusion was posted online Saturday, it has been shared more than 31,000 times with other people trying to figure out exactly what was going on in the picture.

One person admitted she needed to finally look away because she kept staring too intently at the picture.

'Lol, I see the back for like two seconds and then go right back to seeing it as neck. Imma stop looking,' she wrote. 

Many couldn't understand why the woman was sitting bare to begin with, but that mystery has yet to be solved.    




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KNN ang moh stupid or fucking blind is it. i take one look i can see that its her hair with a bareback liao.

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