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Nvidia Shipping RTX GPUs With Faulty Micron GDDR6 Memory

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Nvidia Shipping RTX GPUs With Faulty Micron GDDR6 Memory

Nvidia recently announced their RTX 20 series of GPUs based on the Turing Architecture to much praise and fanfare however customers who were lucky enough to receive their RTX 2080 or 2080Ti already are reporting severe issues.

Users are reporting startup woes and severe artifacting with the most likely culprit being faulty GDDR6 modules incapable of operating at the default clockspeed that Nvidia ships their GPUs with.

With the sheer amount of reports it’s clear that Nvidia have avoided quality control before shipping with a particular batch, this could be contributed to the fact that Nvidia aren’t meeting demands of their early pre-orders with many orders still being unfulfilled. Leaving some customers no choice but to cancel their orders as there was no clear indication of their GPU arriving anytime.



Many users are reporting similar issues describing details as artifacting during idle and while playing games on the Nvidia Forums.

This is quite a severe issue regarding the limited amount of RTX 2080’s and 2080Ti’s out in the wild right now.


There is virtually no chance that an issue like this can be resolved with a simple driver update/hotfix as the issue stems far beyond this, the only solution would be send your card in for RMA and hope for the best.


We are still waiting for an official statement from Nvidia about this issue but if history repeats itself I’d imagine they are trying their best to downplay the issue in hopes to keep their current pre-order numbers.







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