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Briton's jail term over rush hour fight at Raffles Place MRT raised to 2 months

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A Briton who picked a fight with a fellow commuter during rush hour at Raffles Place MRT station and ended up fracturing the latter’s nose will serve a longer jail term, after his sentence was increased to two months by the High Court on Friday (2 November).

Former recruitment consultant Benjamin John Holman, 34, had earlier been sentenced to four weeks’ jail by the State Courts in May, after he pleaded guilty to one charge of causing hurt to Jason Ow Zhi Min, 30.

The prosecution, which had sought at least eight months’ jail for Holman, filed an appeal against the sentence.

In his decision grounds, Justice Aedit Abdullah said that while the earlier sentence was inadequate, an eight-month term was not appropriate. “Ultimately, in considering the harm caused and the culpability of the offender, a measure of ordinal proportionality must also be considered,” said the judge.

At about 6.30pm on 3 February last year, Holman and Ow were walking along the platform at Raffles Place MRT station in opposite directions. Holman, who had been drinking alcohol with his colleagues, had his head down and was looking at his phone. As the two crossed paths, Ow’s left shoulder brushed against Holman’s left shoulder.

Ow looked at Holman briefly before walking away. Holman shouted at Ow and a shouting match ensued, after which Ow turned around and continued walking towards the end of the station platform.

Holman then went after Ow and pushed him in his chest. Ow pushed Holman away and pointed his finger at him and told him to back off.

Holman slapped Ow once on the right cheek. Ow pushed Holman away and told him to back off.

The Briton then raised both fists and punched Ow’s face twice. Ow retaliated and punched Holman.

At some point during the fight, Ow crouched and was almost kneeling on the ground. But Holman continued punching Ow’s face repeatedly.

Shortly after, passers-by separated the two men. Holman tried to walk away but was detained by a bystander until police arrived.

The entire scuffle lasted for about one or two minutes.

Ow sustained a broken nose and was given seven days of medical leave.

The maximum punishment for causing hurt is two years’ jail and a fine of up to $5,000.




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Keep hearing foreigners fighting or doing criminal offence...

Govt should hire more police to "look after" these foreigners

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Avoid punching then bo daiji...shout shout ego still intact

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On 11/6/2018 at 8:49 PM, dysentry said:

sinkieland so jialat

recruitment consultant also need FT 

Exactly my thoughts.  Sinkies no have people with recruitment skills is it?  Need ABNN and Pinoy to come and hire their whole village.

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