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Donations (Fundraising)

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Dear members and guests who are joining our professionally maintained community forums. Every since we've asked you to help us keeping this community forums alive, it's been full of life with so many professional and amazing members contributing towards it.

However, our budget is almost over, and we are running out of time. You guys know we've never stopped anyone from using adblockers, but by many users are not whitelisting, it doesn't make any income to the servers cost, domains renewal, and other maintenance costs. 

You can start the fundraiser by private messaging me. Click here to drop me a PM

IBanking Details :

DBS Savings 0110054642

Paypal link https://www.paypal.me/edmwsg

Thank you so much in advanced.

Donations FAQs:

Why this donation campaign.

The ads do not generate enough revenue to pay for the server costs. 

Why do ads do not cover for the costs, I already whitelisted and sometimes click on them.

We really thank you for whitelisting us. It's still a lot. Unfortunately, not everyone has whitelisted us and block ads, affecting the revenues.

Why do I make a donation.

We keep getting messages about how people really love the edmw . We love it too. While donation are not compulsory, it means that the server gets paid for and the you can continue to use the site you are fond of.

What do I get in return to make a donations.

The running of edmw. Think about how much edmw gives you back, updates, news, discussions, help, knowledge, friends, family, community, edmw if part of a life for many.

What makes edmw different from others, I already have other sites to look at.

In addition to the things already mentioned above, we at edmw prefer quality over quantity, this is done at the administrative level, something that not many sites do out there.

What does edmw get out of this and what do you guys do with the funds.

Each dollar and penny, everything goes into the server costs, other running costs and maintenance of edmw and fapfapfap

I have some problems / issues with site not related to the server issues, why should I donate.

Have you ever let staff know about it, we can always sort it out. If the issues cannot be fixed by the staff and or are really important, then feel free to contact the admins. You can always contact me to get faster replies. If something is not fixed yet, does not mean it will not be fixed later.

Why should I donate if the site is not working properly - it's slow and had uptime issues.

This is the part of the many reasons the donation campaign is started. The site is ever growing with users and visitors. Due to this reason, the server we are on is not enough to serve you all. We need to get on a faster server, which is not possible without more money.

There are some other questions / suggestions not mentioned in this FAQ.

Feel free to ask or suggest about it. If it is completely unrelated to the donations, you can make a new topic in Site / Forum Feedback about it.

Current contributor list for 2019

1) @Guan084  $50.00

2) @xiang887 $10.00

3) @Fishybusiness  $100.00

4) @purpleflock $50.00

5) @DingDongSaint $10

6) @GGWPLagPlayer $100

7) @wowwee $160

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