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sembawang xiao lang attack 5 tiongs with knife

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Posted (edited)

was this news reported in our msm? 

note in the quoted article 但这群客工并不认识伤人者。此人是否专门针对来自中国的客工?目的尚不明确,还期待更多信息。

this is provocative butt of cos our agc / polis cunt do fuck as china embassy in sgp don't give a fuck either? 

1 hour ago, Worcer said:

Later china man start gang fight here...

oh sleep well knowing our higest paid in  the world GREEDY CORRUPT JIAK SAI peeApee GABRAHMENT led BY USELESSleeTHESHIT FUGTARD hsien loong has every situation under MAXIMUM RESTRAINT response to domestic violence plus CALM & CONTROLLED response to diplomatic bullying IN POleeBULLSHIT control. 


Edited by panda

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