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Google Develop Own Chipset

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Google has reportedly given the directive to ramp up the development of its own proprietary chipset for future Pixel devices. The chipset, currently referred to nonchalantly as “gChips”, when completed, would enable Google to go toe-to-toe with Apple and its own proprietary A-Series mobile chipset.

Google recently hired more 20 engineers from the “Silicon Valley” of India, Bengaluru. In order to double down on the production of its gChips. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill engineers either; out of the 20, several of these engineers were formerly under the employment of Qualcomm, NVIDIA, and Intel.

Smartphone manufacturers that make their own chipset are nothing new. Wherever possible, companies like Samsung, Huawei, and (obviously) Apple ship out their mobile devices fitted with their respective Exynos, Kirin, and A-Series chipsets. Rather than using third-party mobile chipsets from Qualcomm or MediaTEK.

One major benefit of Google developing its own chipset means the likelihood of the component being equipped with Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). Enabling all future Pixel devices to perform machine learning and AI training.

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