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Girl Choked and Died after Sucking boba too Hard

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A 19-year-old girl in China suspected of inhaling three pearl milk teas, commonly known as powdered potato powder, entering the bronchial tubes and stimulating asthma death.


Medical experts warn that the soft texture of the powder is a high-risk food that causes congestion. A large volume of powder can completely block the bronchus, causing the patient to die of oxygen deficiency. Drinking pearl milk tea should not be sucked.

The doctor also advises that the public who regularly drink pearl milk tea, especially children and the elderly, should avoid using the straw to suck the powder. The pearl milk tea should be poured directly into the cup to reduce the chance of accidental entry into the trachea. Otherwise, a few rounds of powder together in the trachea cause congestion, which usually leads to death in the absence of oxygen for a few minutes.

19-year-old female student, at 10:00 on June 30, went out to visit her friend with her brother. On the way, she bought a cup of pearl milk tea to quench her thirst. Unexpectedly, she just arrived at the door of her friend. She suddenly had difficulty breathing and her hands were black. She was already in a coma on her way to the hospital. After the arrival, the doctor immediately performed the first aid for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but he had already returned to the sky.

Drinking pearl milk tea anti-smashing five methods

- Avoid using a drinking tube to suck heavily

- slow down the rate of sucking

- chew before swallowing powder

- Drink pearl milk tea directly instead of using a straw

- Don't talk when drinking pearl milk tea




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8 minutes ago, purpleflock said:

Are they going to ban those pearls larger than certain size?

i pefer the drinker, go cut in half themself

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1 hour ago, Londonchocolateroll said:

"but he had already returned to the sky"

Somewhere on the way to Hospital, Sex Change Operation was Performed on her.

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