Foxconn gearing up for MicroLED production for potential future iPhone


MicroLED, the technological successor to the popular OLED display technology, is looking to finally come to market after years of R&D at the big players in the technology space. 


New reports from Digitimes are out claiming that major iPhone manufacturer Foxconn, is working on securing orders of MicroLED panels from Apple. Potentially for an upcoming iPhone. 



MicroLED offers big potential advantages over OLED screens, such as the Super Retina displays Apple features in the iPhone XS and XS Max. These include higher levels of brightness and more stability. They can also offer the same high contrast, extreme blacks, and fast response time as OLED.

Most importantly though, MicroLED is not susceptible to burn in. Making MicroLED effectively a much superior display technology which should replace OLED entirely as it has none of the drawbacks and all the benefits. 


Apple has, for some time now, been interested in the application of MicroLED: 


Potential applications have been singled out as everything from Apple Watches to Macs. As far as I’m aware, this is one of the first times the iPhone has been mentioned as a possible recipient.


Foxconn currently has three subsidiaries working to build equipment for MicroLED technology. These include Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Epileds Technologies, and Marketech International. Between them, they are developing the necessary chips and production equipment for MicroLED displays.


Personally I thought Apple would try MicroLED out first on the Apple Watch. Given that it’s a particularly small display, however much like traditional LCD displays, MicroLED displays might be cheaper in larger cuts. So that’s why they may decide to go with an iPhone, or potentially an iPad over a smaller device. 


It will be some time before we see a MicroLED iPhone though, so wouldn’t expect one until at least 2020.