Setting up second router


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Hi Guys


Just signed up with M1 so they gave out an ASUS 1200 router. Thought i put it to good use. 


I already have an ASUS 66 router that is plugged to a port from ViewQwest router. The ports are hooked to my desk ports. I also have both wifi channels turned on.


Now I want to connect in this 1200 router. I am plugging it into another port in VQ's router. I notice that because the house is small, both wifi overlap. I can never seem to link up to the 1200 wifi.


I think the default is router mode. Should I switch it to AP mode?


Or, is it better for me to take out the old 66 and use just this 1200?




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U have to use it as AP mode not router mode.

There cant be two router in the same network as there can be only one router issuing dhcp.

Just set as ap mode. Router mode for ur second device will never work. 


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The isp has a router which i place neat the main door. I have a link from that to an asus.


Now i have a new asus. Do i hook this off another port from the isp router or must hook it off the first asus?

Asking for convenience of placement and saving in cabling.